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Paul Goldberg

Boston University
Department of Archaeology
675 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 358-1666

Professor of Archaeology
Director of Micromorphology Laboratory, Boston University

My current research includes the application of micromorphological techniques to Pleistocene caves in France, Israel, Germany, and South Africa, and the use of micromorphology in interpreting soils, sediments, and anthropogenic deposits, particularly those from Neanderthal hearths in France and Israel. I have attempted to give my spin on geoarchaeology with colleague Richard I. Macphail in our book, Practical and Theoretical Geoarchaeology, published in 2006 by Wiley-Blackwell.

Selected Publications

Berna, F. and Goldberg, P. 2008. Assessing Paleolithic Pyrotechnology and Associated Hominin Behavior in Israel. Israel Journal of Earth Sciences 56: 107-121.

2008. Raising the Bar. In Archaeological Concepts for the Study of the Cultural Past, A.P. Sullivan III (Ed.), pp. 24-39. Salt Lake City: The University of Utah Press.

Goldberg, P., H. Laville, and L. Meignen. 2007. Stratigraphy and Geoarchaeological History of Kebara Cave, Mount Carmel. In Kebara Cave, Volume 2, O. Bar-Yosef and L. Meignen (Eds.), pp. 49-89. Cambridge, MA: Peabody Museum.

Goldberg, P. and R.I. Macphail. 2006. Practical and Theoretical Geoarchaeology. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.