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Linn W. Hobbs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 13-4054
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
(617) 253-6835

Professor of Materials Science
Professor of Nuclear Engineering

I am interested in ancient mortars (clay, gypsum, lime, siliceous pozzolanas, Portland cements and other possible castable cementitious materials). I utilize modern analytical methods, principally environmental scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and X-ray and electron diffraction.

Selected Publications

(In press) Linn W. Hobbs and Ruth Siddall. Cementitious Mortars of the Ancient World. In Building Roma Aeterna, Åsa Ringbom and Robert L. Hohlfelder (Eds.). Acta Instituti Romani Finlandia.

Linn W. Hobbs, C. Esther Jesurum and Bonnie Berger. 2000 The Topology of Silica Networks. In Structure and Imperfections in Amorphous and Crystalline Silica, J.-P. Duraud, R.A.B. Devine and E. Dooryhee (Eds.), pp. 1-47. London: John Wiley & Sons.

L.W. Hobbs, C.E. Jesurum, V. Pulim and B. Berger. 1998 Local Topology of Silica Networks Philosophical Magazine A 78: 679-711.

H.N. Lechtman and L.W. Hobbs. 1987 Roman Concrete and the Roman Architectural Revolution. In Ceramics and Civilization, Vol. 3, W.D. Kingery (Ed.), pp. 81-128. Columbus OH: American Ceramic Society.