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Richard H. Meadow

Harvard University
Zooarchaeology Laboratory
Peabody Museum
11 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-3354

Senior-Lecturer on Anthropology
Head Tutor for Archaeology
Department of Anthropology

Director, Zooarchaeology Laboratory,
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology


Richard Meadow is an archaeologist with a specialty in the study of animal remains from archaeological sites. His research interests focus on animal domestication, the paleoeconomies of ancient societies in Asia south of Siberia, and the development of the Indus Civilization of northwestern South Asia. Since 1974 he has been involved in research in Pakistan at the sites of Balakot, Mehrgarh, and Harappa. Since 1992 he has served as the Project Director of the Harappa Archaeological Research Project. In addition to his work in Pakistan, he has carried out research in India, Iran, Oman, Thailand, China, and Syria. Every second Fall semester since 1986 he has taught a graduate level course on comparative osteology with a focus on archaeological applications, which continues to be attended by graduate and undergraduate students not only from Harvard, but from other area institutions.

Selected Publications
2010  (third author with Y.M. Lam, K. Brunson, and Jing YUAN). Integrating taphonomy into the practice of zooarchaeology in China. Quaternary International 211: 86-90.

2008  (first author with J.M. Kenoyer). Harappa Excavations 1998-1999: New evidence for the development and manifestation of the Harappan phenomenon. In South Asian Archaeology 1999, E.M. Raven (Ed.), pp. 85-109. Groningen: Egbert Forsten.

2003  (first author with A.K. Patel). Prehistoric pastoralism in northwestern South Asia from the Neolithic through the Harappan Period. In Indus Ethnobiology: New Perspectives from the Field,  S. Weber and W. Belcher (Eds.), pp. 65-93. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group).

1999  The Use of Size Index Scaling Techniques for Research on Archaeozoological Collections from the Middle East. In Historia Animalium ex Ossibus: Beiträge auf Paläoanatomie, Archäologie, Ägyptologie, Ethnologie und Geschichte der Tiermedizin. C. Becker, H. Manhart,
J. Peters, and J. Schibler (Eds.), pp. 285-300.  Rahden/Westf.: Verlag Marie Leidorf.