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Coral Lab Management System

Click here for an example of a non academic outside user registration using CMSE's X-ray facility.

The CMSE Coral Lab management system roll out has now been completed in all CMSE Shared Experimental Facilities.

In order to avoid delays in using equipment, please register in MUMMS as soon as possible.

Please Note: CMSE non-MIT users should follow the instructions for non-MIT users to ensure timely registration, located here: Instructions for non-MIT users

CMSE Coral is composed of three parts:
1. CMSE MUMMS is a web-based application that manages CMSE's user accounts and permissions. You, as a user, will have to follow the registration process prior to using any equipment in these rooms. See below.

2. CMSE Coral is a lab management system that records each user's instrument use and reservations. You will be given instructions in the lab on how to log in and engage instruments. You can also download a remote version of Coral on your own computer so you can log in and reserve instruments. See below.

3. Cost Recovery is the system which processes your monthly billing. CMSE financial staff will be the only users of this part of the system.

MUMMS Registration:

Please go to the following to register in MUMMS:

From there, you can click on Register to register or Login to login.

Users may be given a warning about untrusted certificates. Please ignore this and set up an exception so you can continue on.

Registration Instructions

Remote Coral:

Please go to the following to install remote Coral

It should be fairly straight forward to install. For Windows and Linux users, we have included download-able bundles that include a version of Java. For all other users, such as Mac users, there is the potential added step of installing Java but typically a working version should already be installed on the computer.

For Windows/Linux users, once installed, there will be a directory (C:\coral-remote for Windows and /usr/local/coral-remote for Linux) and inside that directory a script to run for CMSE Coral. Because we share users who will be running Coral for both MTL and CMSE, there is also a script for running MTL Coral. Both are clearly named and there should be no problems for users - just pick the one they need to run. Our users here will be downloading the same bundles.

For EHS, billing, account, or lab reservation issues, please e-mail, or call 617-253-6850.
For login, password, remote coral, or any other issues, please e-mail

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