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Coral Lab Management System

Instructions- CMSE SEF non-MIT Users - Lab Access and Safety Courses

There are four items that need to be completed for initial assisted use of the CMSE SEF labs. Self-use of equipment will only occur after being qualified for instruments by CMSE lab managers.

  1. Completion of the outside user application on our CMSE web site at
  2. Sending an electronic copy of your purchase order to and
  3. Registering in the MUMMS portion of our Coral system at Please do not register in MUMMS until after you have completed this step and have a Kerberos ID. Your Kerberos ID will be your campus username in MUMMS.
  4. Taking the two required safety courses on the MIT Environmental, Health and Safety web site as well as linking to/reading the CMSE Chemical Hygiene Plan (link to CMSE Chemical Hygiene Plan at and checking that off in MUMMS

Below are some tips on completing this process:

  1. Registration in MUMMS - the CMSE web site has detailed instructions for registering in the MUMMS part of the CMSE Coral system. The link is
  2. Per MIT safety policies, all CMSE non-MIT users will need to request an MIT ID number and register for an MIT email account which will all the user access to the MIT EHS site in order to take the two MIT required safety courses - Chemical Hygiene and Managing Hazardous Waste.
  3. All external CMSE users should email with their name and date of birth so CMSE can request an ID number for the user. (Also, please e-mail your Kerberos ID, if you created a MUMMS account before you received your MIT Kerberos ID. This is so we can update MUMMS and your safety course results will show up in MUMMS.)
  4. When users go to the MIT Environmental Health and Safety web site (, please note: you must go into the EHS Training Needs Assessment and check off "Use of Potential Hazardous Chemicals". This will bring you to the two courses you need. Take the two courses and this will show up in Coral within 24 hours. Also, please note: when the needs assessment asks for a supervisor, the supervisor should be the supervisor of the CMSE SEF lab you will use. They are listed in drop down list. Users of the CMSE X-ray SEF will be required to take the EHS x-ray course if becoming a self user. Please see Dr. Charles Settens.
  5. CMSE lab managers will instruct users on the next steps such as becoming self users on instruments.

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