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For Non-MIT Use

Types of Non-MIT Use:

Academic Use:
Researchers without a direct MIT affiliation who are working on a research project at an academic institution or hospital.

Non-Academic Use:
1. Researchers who are neither affiliated with MIT nor with any other academic institution or hospital; or
2. MIT faculty members who are using the facilities in connection with a consulting or other formal arrangement with a commercial entity.

When a consulting relationship exists between a Faculty or Staff member and some outside commercial organization, and the work to be performed in the facility is in any way connected with the substance of the consulting agreement or the interests of the outside organization, the work will automatically be considered commercial work unless the PI can justify otherwise. Any faculty work in the CMSE SEFs involving consulting of an industrial or legal nature must have prior approval of the CMSE director and comply with outside user procedures.

Application Procedure:

Click here to complete the Non-MIT/Academic Use Application


Click here to complete the Non-MIT/Non-Academic Use Application

Click here for MUMMS registration instructions for non-MIT use.


Once received, the application is reviewed by the Center's Director and/or the Assistant Director. If approved, an email and an electronic copy of the application will be sent to the applicant. The facilities cannot be used until this agreement is approved and a purchase order from the outside institution is received by MIT.

Authorizations to use the facilities for specific projects are granted for a period of one year. Re-application and re-approval are necessary prior to the expiration date of the agreement or when there is a significant change in the nature or scope of the project. Use beyond the scope of this agreement or beyond the expiration date is not permitted.

Please contact the CMSE Assistant Director with any questions on CMSE SEF policies or procedures:
Susan Dalton, Tel: (617) 253-7632, E-mail:

Scheduling Appointments:

Please contact the appropriate facility staff member to discuss the feasibility of projects. The facilities are scheduled for the maximum effectiveness of the MIT materials research community and as such, MIT users will be given first priority. Research personnel from outside institutions are granted use of Center facilities, consistent with NSF Policy, when it is determined that the proposed service will not interfere with the progress of MIT research projects.

Rates, Billing Procedure, and Payment:

Rates: Rates for non-MIT academic use are the same as MIT internal rates. Rates for all other non-MIT use are generally 3 times the internal MIT rates; see internal rates here:

Billing: The Center's Administrative Office invoices monthly through the MIT Accounting Office for use of facilities based on the approved rate schedule. This schedule is subject to change. Billing is based on the actual logged usage of the facilities. Most fees for instrument use are billed on an hourly basis. In addition, fees for supplies and materials may be applied. Charges are due when billed. Failure to pay in a timely way is grounds for the termination of this agreement.

Payment: Checks should be made payable to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and sent to the address on the MIT invoice.

Questions regarding purchase orders and charges should be addressed to Dianne Brooks, Tel: (617) 253-4962, E-mail:


All users are solely responsible for the preservation and security of data collected in the CMSE Shared Experimental Facilities. We do not guarantee that your data will be backed up and safe from deletion, nor do we guarantee that others cannot access and copy your data.

Reports and Publications:

If use of the CMSE shared facilities and/or the assistance of a specific CMSE technical staff member has made a significant contribution to your research, please acknowledge this contribution in any publications or research reports. Please use the following statement: "This work made use of the MRSEC Shared Experimental Facilities at MIT, supported by the National Science Foundation under award number DMR-14-19807." We would appreciate receiving a copy of publications which cite research conducted through the use of Center's facilities.

Special Notes:

  1. Non-academic use: Researchers may not make use of CMSE facilities if any commercial analytical or service organization offers essentially the same service.
  2. Use of the facilities is intended for short-term projects, such as the simple test of an idea. A long-term project (for example, a process development project which requires extensive or prolonged use of analytical services) is not appropriate.
  3. When possible, staff will help users with the interpretation or other use of data, photographs, or other results obtained from facility information. However, the user ultimately takes sole responsibility for the interpretation and application of the results to their problem.

The work environment at MIT, similar to most other universities, is one of free intellectual exchange and openness. Staff are not required to undertake any obligation of confidentiality with respect to their daily work. It is CMSE's policy to decline applications for use of its facilities by third parties if any form of confidentiality agreement would be required.

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