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Building 13 Conference Room Guidelines

1. Building 13 conference rooms are available for use by the members of the MIT community under the management and supervision of the Center for Materials Science and Engineering.

2. Reservations for building 13 conference rooms and keys, if needed, are made through the following procedures:

3. All users must take responsibility for the setup and breakdown of these rooms. The person reserving the room will be considered the responsible party and responsible for damage to the room or its contents.

4. All doors to the rooms should be shut and locked when the room is vacated by a group.

5. All catering items must be removed and trash secured in receptacles.

6. Food deliveries are the responsibility of the group or person using the room and set up time should be built into the reservation time.

7. Long-term regular reservations such as full semester bookings are allowed. However, on rare occasions there could be an urgent CMSE need for a conference room such as for a government site visit. In this case, the booking person will contact the person responsible for the reservation to help find a suitable substitute room for his/her event. In the event that a conflict cannot be resolved, the booking person should contact the CMSE director or assistant director.

8. Installing permanent signs, logos or other materials specific to individual groups using these rooms is not allowed without the written permission of the CMSE director.

9. Cancellation of room reservations should be made promptly via phone or email to the appropriate booking person.

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