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Procedures for Access to Building 13 Lab and Office Space

Office Key:

You must complete the CMSE Office Key Form and submit it to 13-2050.
Then, register for keys in Atlas by selecting Service Request, then Create Request, then Keys option on the bottom, right-hand side of the listed options. An email will be sent to you from the MIT key office when your key is ready. You may then pick up your key in 7-019.

form image CMSE Office Key Form (please refresh cache before downloading)


Key Transfer Form:

All keys transfers must be recorded with the CMSE office. If you have keys for a particular lab/office and you wish to transfer them to another person, you MUST fill out a CMSE Key Transfer Form and bring it to room 13-2050.

form image CMSE Key Transfer Form


Returning Keys:

You are responsible for the keys that you have been issued. All keys, upon end of use, must be returned to the key office in 7-019 unless the above key transfer will be done.


Lost and Stolen Keys:

It is your responsibility to immediately report the loss or theft of all keys to the CMSE office in 13-2050 and to the MIT Key Office in 7-019.


SEF Access:

Please see information under Facilities section:


Laboratory Access:

All laboratory access (including access to the SEFs) is controlled by electronic locks activated by the user's MIT Card. Laboratory access cannot usually be granted to any individual who does not hold an MIT Card, except in some circumstances when it may be possible to issue a visitor or temporary card valid for a limited time. For more details about this policy, please come to CMSE headquarters office in room 13-2050, or call 3-6850.

Note: Professors need only complete steps 4 and 5.
UROP and all undergraduate students should complete a the UROP Laboratory Access form shown below.

  1. Pick up a copy and review the current Chemical Hygiene & Safety Plan here in PDF format.
  2. Complete both the Chemical Hygiene and Managing Hazardous Waste courses located on the internet at:
  3. Everyone applying for Laboratory Access must fill out a Laboratory Access Form. The PI of the lab must sign the Laboratory Access Form.
  4. Laboratory Access will be granted once the Lab Access Form and training have been completed and the form has been returned to room 13-2014.

form image CMSE Laboratory Access Form


For UROP & Undergraduate Laboratory Access:

All UROPs and undergraduate students applying for access should utilize the UROP Lab Access form instead of the CMSE Laboratory Access Form above.

form image CMSE UROP Laboratory Access Form


Paper Forms:

Blank forms will also be available in paper holders on the wall outside of 13-2014 and will be color-coded:

For question regarding all safety, building safety, lab access, inspections, and handling accident reports, please contact Lars Llorente at or 617.253.5965, or stop by the CMSE Headquarters office in room 13-2050.


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