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06.28.10 IRG-II co-leader Christine Ortiz appointed dean for graduate education

11.04.09 CMSE summer intern Emanuel Hernandez wins SACNAS 2009 conference poster session

Emanuel Hernandez, a student at the University of Turabo in Puerto Rico and a 2009 summer intern at CMSE, presented a winning poster in the Engineering Category at the annual national conference of SACNAS, the Society for Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science. Emanuel's poster was based on a research project developed this past summer at CMSE.

10.27.09 President Obama learns about MIT research with MRSEC connection

10.17.09 Pablo Jarillo-Herrero wins Packard Fellowship

10.08.09 Al Swiston from Cohen/Rubner group wins MIT Materials Day poster session

09.15.09 Prof. Gerd Ceder wins MRS Gold Medal

07.13.09 Prof. Buehler wins Presidential Early Career Award

07.08.09 Flexible fiber cameras from the Fink group

05.07.09 New seed projects by Profs. Kong & Jarillo-Herrero use recently discovered graphene

04.02.09 New virus-built battery could power cars

03.11.09 Re-engineered battery material could lead to rapid recharging of many devices

02.06.09 A "greener" way to make thin films from the Cohen/Rubner group

01.30.09 MRSEC-related fundamental research leads to important surgical tool

01.29.09 Physicists discover surprising variation in superconductors

12.12.08 Grad student Zek Gemici from Cohen/Rubner group wins MRS Gold Award

11.26.08 MRSEC-supported research on solar photovoltaic cells

11.14.08 Tiny backpacks for cells

10.02.08 Shao-Horn team takes first atomic-scale images of fuel-cell nanoparticles
This MRSEC-supported work could lead to better catalysts for eco-friendly energy storage devices.

The findings are reported in the September 24 online issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society: S. Chen, P.J. Ferreira, W. Sheng, N. Yabuuchi, L.F. Allard and Y. Shao-Horn, "Enhanced activity for oxygen reduction reaction on PtCo nanoparticles: Direct evidence of percolated and sandwich-segregation structures."

> Community College Program student co-authors paper
Candy Batista
, a former participant in the CMSE Community College Program (CCP), is one of authors on a recently published paper in the Journal of Power Sources. During her summer as an CCP student, Candy worked in the lab of Prof. Jongyoon Han. She graduated with honors in 2008 from Roxbury Community College in Boston, MA.

The paper is available at ScienceDirect: Y.-A. Song et al, J. Power Sources (2008), doi: 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2008.05.085

> New IRG concept inspires exciting research on cell-membrane penetration
Members of our proposed IRG on engineering living cells via nanomaterials have recently published an important paper in Nature Materials. The work is a direct outgrowth of the intellectual foundation of this group.

> Ultrathin, bacteria-resistant thin films could reduce hospital infections
Researchers in groups led by Michael Rubner and Krystyn Van Vliet have developed ultrathin polymer films that could be applied to medical devices and other surfaces to control microbe accumulation.

> Professor Eric Hudson and colleagues gain new understanding of superconductors
Research supported in part by the MIT MRSEC has allowed this team to better understand how high-temperature superconductors could be made to work at temperatures as high as room temperature, with the potential for limitless applications.

The findings are reported in the February issue of Nature Physics.

> REU student contributes to important research on controlled drug delivery
Brian J. Andaya, a former participant in the Research Experience for Undergraduates program, is one of authors on a recently published paper in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA). During his summer as an REU student, Brian worked in the lab of Prof. Paula Hamond. Kris A. Wood, the lead author on this paper, received his PhD in chemical engineering in 2007. Kris first came to MIT as a participant in the 2001 REU program, while an undergraduate at the University of Kentucky.

> Materials Science is a hot emering market
Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology has identified materials science as a technology trend, especially in the New England region.  CMSE has played a key role in the fundamental discoveries behind several successful start ups.

> Science photographer Felice Frankel wins Lennart Nilsson Award
Renowned science photographer Felice Frankel has won the Lennart Nilsson Award, which recognizes "extraordinary image makers in science." She will receive this prize in Stockholm on November 1st. Felice is a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University, and also has an appointment as a research scientist through the Center for Materials Science and Engineering at MIT.

Visit Felice Frankel's website to learn more about her work and the many exciting projects she has underway.

> CMSE-funded work opens new doors into the world of electrons
CMSE professor Ray Ashoori and postdoctoral associate Oliver Dial have developed a spectroscopy technique that allows researchers to view electrons confined to a two-dimensional plane with 1,000 times greater resolution than existing methods.

> Startup company Luminus Devices receives $2.5 million loan
CMSE-related company Luminus Devices has received a $2.5 million development loan from the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency’s Emerging Technology Fund (ETF). Luminus will use the financing to meet the increasing demand for use of its PhlatLight(TM) LED technology in consumer electronics.

> Felice Frankel receives praise from the NY Times
Felice Frankel has taken science photography to the level of art.  An MIT research scientist appointed through CMSE, she has worked with many of our researchers to create stunning images of their work in the lab.

> CMSE professor Moungi Bawendi elected to National Academy of Sciences
Long-time Center participant Moungi Bawendi was among five MIT faculty members recently elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), one of the highest honors in American science or engineering. The NAS was established in 1863, and today has an active membership of 2,025 scientists. 

Professor Bawendi studies the physical chemistry of materials. His focus is on nanometer-size fragments of semiconducting inorganic solids, specifically the quantum mechanical behaviors demonstrated by semiconductor and metallic materials.

> MRSEC-funded research could change the way we recharge our batteries
CMSE Professor John Joannopoulos and colleagues Marin Soljacic and Aristeidis Karalis are exploring methods of non-radiative energy transfer and the possible design of wireless-power systems.

> CMSE, DMSE, and MPC launch Materials@MIT website
CMSE, the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, and the Materials Processing Center have worked collaboratively to launch Materials@MIT, a web portal to all materials research and activities at the Institute.

> CMSE Fall Newsletter highlights Shared Experimental Facilities
Meet our new SEF staff members and learn how our featured equipment can aid your research. (PDF link)

> CMSE researcher Wen receives grant
Professors Xiao-Gang Wen of IRG-III has won a grant from the Foundational Questions Institute to study the relationship between quantum mechanics and gravity.

> Fiber webs with optical capabilities
CMSE Professors Fink and Joannopoulos and their colleagues have developed sphere-shaped webs made of transparent fibers that can detect light.

> Beetles inspire liquid-controlling surfaces
CMSE Professors Cohen and Rubner and their students are inspired by nature to create superhydrophobic (water-repelling) superhydrophilic (water-attracting) surfaces.

> Recent colloquium lecturer forecasts the "end of oil"
David L. Goodstein, author of the 2004 book, Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil, spoke at a colloquium sponsored by the MIT Center for Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

> CMSE researchers build better batteries
Better lithium ion batteries, solid-state batteries and new materials that could make rechargeable batteries for electric cars cheaper and safer are among MIT's most recent battery innovations.


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