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Highlights of Research



Controlled Fragmentation of Multimaterial Fibers Via Polymer Cold-Drawing

Stretchable Spinal Cord Probes Offer New Tools to Study the Nervous System

Understanding Loops in Polymer Networks Results in an Improved Theory for Rubbery Materials

Using Light to Control the Viscoelastic Mechanical Properties of Gel-Like Materials

Materials Deficient in Oxygen Show Promise in Magnetically Controlled Optical Devices

RET Inspires Research Collaboration Between Middle School Students and MIT Research Group

Mechanical Stress and Temperature Can Tune the Stability of Electronic Defects in Semiconducting Oxides


First Experimental Observation of Weyl Points

Spawning Rings of Exceptional Points out of Dirac Cones

Biochemical Mechanisms to Control Gel Crosslinking and Permeability

Functional Oxides Can Be Switched Between Distinct Structures and Properties via Electrochemical Bias

New Candidate for Optically Induced Topological Semimetals


IRG-III researchers demonstrate nanoscale cation motion in memristive systems

Creating Crystalline Silicon Core Fibers from Aluminum and Glass Preforms

Bio-Inspired Gels Show Promise as Self-healing Materials with Properties Controlled by Metal Ions

Strain Coupling in Oxide Nano-composites Controls Magnetism and Oxygen Exchange Kinetics

CMSE’s Felice Frankel and Nature’s Creative Director engage a global community of scientists and engineers in their live webcast discussion on graphics and photography

Multifunctional Fiber Probes Provide New Tools for Integrating the Brain and Spinal Cord

Synthetic Backpacks Attached to Immune Cells Selectively Target Sites of Inflammation in the Skin and Lungs

Voltage Controlled Magnetism: Towards an Ultralow-Power Switch for New Magnetic Devices

MIT MRSEC Partnership Provides Puerto Rican Students with Valuable Research Experience


Better Batteries Through Biology

Living Cells Used to Create Patterned Devices of Non-Living Materials

The MIT MRSEC is Bringing Biotech to the K-12 Classroom

Transparent Displays Enabled By Resonant Nanoparticle Scattering

Thermal Conductivity in an Oxide Material Can be Controlled by Manipulating Oxygen Defects

Conducting Highways are Created on the Surface of Magnetic Topological Insulators

Science Image Specialist Felice Frankel Teaches Masterclasses on the Visual Communication of Materials Science and Engineering

Topological Insulators Show Promising Results as the Active Element of Electronic Devices


Oscillating Gel Networks: Once Activated With Pressure, Can Communicate With Each Other Via Chemical Signaling

Harnessing In-Fiber Fluid Instabilities To Create Multimaterial Particles From Fibers

A New Nanocoating Prevents Frost Formation on Glass

MRSEC Fundamental Research Leads to HDTVs with Enhanced Colors


MIT MRSEC partners with visiting North Carolina A&T professor to encourage underrepresented undergraduates to pursue graduate studies

MIT MRSEC participates in large public outreach event as part of MITís 150th anniversary celebration

Computational materials science drives the development of new energy storage materials and establishes the intellectual framework of the 2011 Materials Genome Initiative


Nanostructured Carbon Electrodes

Self-beating plastic gels can be induced to change size and color on demand

Record efficiency for lithium-oxygen batteries

Fibers that create electrical signals from sound

Cargo carrying backpacks can be attached to hungry living immune cells without being internalized

Peering into a crystal to defend a quantum magnet

CMSE launches mentoring seminar series for postdoctoral associates

Machining materials at the micro- and nanoscale


Multimaterial acoustic fibers (07.15.10)

Carbon nanotubes dramatically increase lithium battery capacity (06.20.10)

Mechanomutable polymer tube forests (05.27.10)

How the weak becomes strong: spider silk reveals a paradox of super-strength (05.27.10)

Stem cells with drug-loaded nanoparticles attached promote rapid recovery following bone marrow transplants (05.27.10)

Nanoparticle control and transport using mobile magnetic domain wall traps (05.27.10)

Single atom-thick nano sensors (05.27.10)

MIT MRSEC workshop inspires middle school teaching (05.27.10)

MIT MRSEC partners with Puerto Rican university to strengthen student research skills and increase precollege recruitment (05.27.10)

MRSEC-supported fundamental research leads to a new start-up (05.27.10)



One-way photonic behavior (12.01.09)

One layer at a time (09.01.09)

Flexible fiber camera (07.16.09)

High-energy batteries using genetically-engineered viruses (05.15.09)

Community College Program at MIT MRSEC prepares students for science careers (05.15.09)

MRSEC-supported research leads to an electrifying start-up (05.15.09)

New technique reveals nanoscale variations in “bulk” material properties (05.15.09)

A new process for creating in-fiber semiconductor filament arrays (05.15.09)

Magnetically-responsive stiffness of carbon nanotube arrays (05.15.09)

Battery material could lead to ultra-fast recharging of many devices (05.15.09)

Living cells fitted with “nano-backpacks” may ferry drugs to disease sites (2.10.09)

A step toward developing better fuel cells for electric cars and more (11.04.08)

New understanding of high temperture superconductivity

Bacteria chose to stick to a surface or not based on mechanical stiffness

REU student contributes to important research on controlled drug delivery

Dynamic surface-emitting fiber lasers

Dual-function drug-release coating mimics hummingbird wings

Big meets very small: Light from single nanocrystal quantum dots

Virus-grown battery materials

A new spin on matter

A story of two CMSE spin-off companies

Informing students and the public about energy issues



Power transfer goes cordless

New photonic crystal structures "freeze" light

Nanocoatings harvest water from fog

"All-in-one" self-cleaning, anti-reflection coatings from nanoparticles

Quantum dot "sandwiches" emit white light

A new high-rate environmentally friendly battery material may help hybrid electric vehicles get up and go

Studying a new state of matter: The quantum spin liquid

A new MIT-wide vehicle for MRSEC knowledge outreach

"Research Experience for Teachers" program is a springboard to ongoing relationships with local schools


Optical fibers that can take their own temperature

Nanoparticles help see through the fog

Multi-island single electron device from self-assembled nanocrystals

Seeing is believing when it comes to understanding battery instability

Symposium highlights new research developments from the MIT MRSEC

Engaging community college students in materials research at MIT


Defects are perfect when it comes to processing information with light

Fabrics that can see the light

Bottom-up meets top-down

Ultra-water repellant coatings: a lesson from nature

Nanocrystal arrays convert light to electrons with 100% efficiency

Understanding a flower-like arrangement of atoms may lead to lithium batteries with double the capacity

Creating ripples on nanoparticles

RET participants publish paper on teaching materials science and engineering using organic light-emitting thin film devices

Using motors to encourage high school women to pursue careers in engineering

From basic research to the operating room


The color of shock waves in photonic crystals

Putting the squeeze on plastics

Imaging of charge motion in nano-crystalline arrays

Atomic imaging of lithium in licoo2 for lithium batteries


Total external reflection from photonic bandgap mirror fibers

Wavelength-scalable hollow photonic bandgap fibers

Baroplastics: plastics that mold without heating

Nanoporous anti-reflection coatings

Molecular organic/inorganic nanocrystal layered heterostructures

Understanding the failure mechanisms of lithium batteries

Improved polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries

2002 Content Institute for science teachers: applying the engineering design process

One teacher's RET experience: building a viscometer and using it in the classroom

Workshop for science teachers: magnets and motors




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