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The Central Machine Shop provides convenient, flexible and cost effective machine shop services to the MIT research community and acts as a clearing house for sending appropriate jobs to external shops. The Central Machine Shop personnel will work from a spectrum of rough sketches to machine drawings to create the machined product you require.

Requests for shop services can be done either in person or from the web page Email can be sent directly to the Central Machine Shop at Email will be answered promptly.


Rate: $84.50/hr **New rate effective July 1, 2014  

Internal requisitions with authorized account numbers and signatures are required.

Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Supervisor: Andrew Gallant
Email address:
Phone: 617 258-0789 Fax: 617 258-6158


Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, plastics, and other commonly used materials.


Six full-time machinists experienced in working with metals, plastics, ceramics, and other materials in a research environment are ready to provide you with efficient and quality service. They use CNC Bridgeports and Lathes for milling and turning. Welding services are provided on aluminum, stainless steel, sheet metal and other metals and according to high vacuum specifications. Cutting, bending and machining of sheet metal parts are available.

The coordinator can assist you with estimating, scheduling, and interfacing with outside machine and specialty shops. The coordinator orders stock necessary for large projects and can provide some drafting and design assistance for cost effective completion of projects. The coordinator's services are provided free to users.

Coordinator: Andrew Ryan
Phone: 617 324-3021


A stock clerk will assist customers with supplies and stockroom requests. The inventory includes commonly used metals, hardware supplies and tooling. These items are available for loan to authorized students, staff and faculty.

Senior Stock Clerk: Richard Belanger
Stock Room Phone: 617 253-8224


Under the leadership of the Dean of Science Robert Birgeneau, a committee was recently established to assess future machine shop needs. The committee recommended that the Laboratory for Nuclear Science Machine Shop be reestablished as the MIT Central Machine Shop. The Central Machine Shop will be operated by the Laboratory for Nuclear Science, with the responsible senior officer being the Dean of Science. All members of the Institute will have equal access to the shop.

Materials Available