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operators, shortcuts

Special characters equivalent to commands

A := B   A:variable, B:OBJECT
[...]    LIST
[..|..]  LIST
L[N]     N: INT, L: LIST
A..B     A,B: INT  or  A,B:indeterminates
R.F      R:RECORD and F field name
R ::= ... R:variable
A >< B   A,B: LIST
M : N    M, N: MODULE or IDEAL
R/I      R: RING, I: IDEAL
S[N]     N: INT, S: STRING
***E***  E:expression
?S       S: STRING
<< S     S: STRING

A := B; compute B then assign the result to A A = B test whether A and B are equal A <> B test whether A and B are not equal [...] build a new list (see List Constructors ) [..|..] build a new list (see List Constructors ) L[N] access N -th entry of list L (indexes start from 1) A..B is the Range Operator R.F record field selector for field named F of record R R ::= for the special ring syntax ( NewPolyRing )

A >< B equivalent to CartesianProduct(A, B) , CartesianProductList([A,B]) M : N equivalent to colon(M, N) R/I equivalent to NewQuotientRing(R,I) S[N] access N -th char of string L (indexes start from 1) ***E*** interpret E in CoCoA-4 mode << S OBSOLESCENT equivalent to source(S)

? string prints the manual page for string , or a list of matching manual pages
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