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2.5.4 Commands and Functions returning LIST
AllReducedGroebnerBases [OBSOLESCENT] all reduced Groebner bases of an ideal
apply apply homomorphism
ApproxSolve Approximate real solutions for polynomial system
ascii convert between characters and ascii code
BBasis5 Border Basis of zero dimensional ideal
BinomialRepr, BinomialReprShift binomial representation of integers
CartesianProduct, CartesianProductList Cartesian product of lists
CFApproximants continued fraction approximants
coefficients list of coefficients of a polynomial
CoefficientsWRT list of coeffs and PPs of a poly wrt indet or list of indets
CoeffListWRT list of coefficients of a polynomial wrt and indet
compts list of components of a ModuleElem
concat concatenate lists
ConcatLists concatenate a list of lists
ContFrac continued fraction quotients
CurrentTypes lists all data types
diff returns the difference between two lists
distrib the distribution of objects in a list
eigenfactors eigenfactors of a matrix
eigenvectors eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix
EquiIsoDec equidimensional isoradical decomposition
exponents the list of exponents of the leading term of a polynomial
ExternalLibs Linked external libraries
FGLM5 perform a FGLM Groebner Basis conversion
fields list the fields of a record
flatten flatten a list
FrbAlexanderDual Alexander Dual of monomial ideals
FrbAssociatedPrimes Associated primes of monomial ideals
FrbIrreducibleDecomposition Irreducible decomposition of monomial ideals
FrbMaximalStandardMonomials Maximal standard monomials of monomial ideals
FrbPrimaryDecomposition Primary decomposition of monomial ideals
GBasis calculate a Groebner basis
GBasisTimeout compute a Groebner basis with a timeout
GCDFreeBasis determine (minimal) GCD free basis of a set of integers
GenericPoints random projective points
GenRepr representation in terms of generators
gens list of generators of an ideal
Get read characters from a device
GetCol convert a column of a matrix into a list
GetCols convert a matrix into a list of lists
GetRow convert a row of a matrix into a list
GetRows convert a matrix into a list of lists
GraverBasis Graver basis
GroebnerFanIdeals all reduced Groebner bases of an ideal
HilbertBasisKer Hilbert basis for a monoid
homog homogenize with respect to an indeterminate
HVector the h-vector of a module or quotient object
in list element selector in list constructor
indets list of indetermiantes in a PolyRing
IndetSubscripts the index of an indeterminate
interreduce, interreduced interreduce a list of polynomials
intersection intersect lists, ideals, or modules
IntersectList intersect lists, ideals, or modules
InverseSystem Inverse system of an ideal of derivations
JanetBasis the Janet basis of an ideal
LinKerBasis find the kernel of a matrix
MakeSet remove duplicates from a list
MinGens list of minimal generators
minors list of minor determinants of a matrix
MinSubsetOfGens list of minimal generators
monomials the list of monomials of a polynomial
NewList create a new list
NmzDiagInvariants ring of invariants of a diagonalizable group action
NmzEhrhartRing Computes the Ehrhart ring
NmzFiniteDiagInvariants ring of invariants of a finite group action
NmzIntClosureMonIdeal integral closure of a monomial ideal
NmzIntClosureToricRing integral closure of a toric ring
NmzIntersectionValRings intersection of ring of valuations
NmzNormalToricRing normalization of a toric ring
NmzTorusInvariants ring of invariants of torus action
NonZero remove zeroes from a list
Packages list of loaded packages
partitions partitions of an integer
permutations returns all permutations of the entries of a list
PrimaryDecomposition primary decomposition of an ideal
PrimaryDecomposition0 primary decomposition of a 0-dimensional ideal
PrimaryDecompositionGTZ0 primary decomposition of a 0-dimensional ideal
QuotientBasis vector space basis for zero-dimensional quotient rings
QZP change field for polynomials and ideals
RandomSubset random subset
RandomSubsetIndices indices for random subset
RandomTuple random tuple
RandomTupleIndices indices for random tuples
RationalAffinePoints Affine rational solutions
RationalProjectivePoints Projective rational solutions
RationalSolve Rational solutions for polynomial system
RealRoots computes the real roots of a univariate polynomial
RealRootsApprox approximations to the real roots of a univariate poly
ReducedGBasis compute reduced Groebner basis
RefineGCDFreeBasis refine an integer GCD free basis
res free resolution
reverse, reversed reverse a list
RingsOf list of the rings of an object
SeparatorsOfPoints separators for affine points
SeparatorsOfProjectivePoints separators for projective points
shape extended list of types involved in an expression
sorted sort a list
SortedBy sort a list
starting list functions starting with a given string
StdBasis Standard basis
subsets returns all sublists of a list
support the list of terms of a polynomial or moduleelem
SymbolRange range of symbols for the indeterminates of a PolyRing
SymmetricPolys list of symmetric polynomials
tail remove the first element of a list
TopLevelFunctions returns the functions available at top-level
tuples N-tuples
UniversalGBasis universal Groebner basis of the input ideal
wdeg multi-degree of an polynomial
WithoutNth removes the N-th component from a list
ZPQ change field for polynomials and ideals