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2.4.1 String Literals
A string literal consists of a sequence of characters between double quotes ("...").

/**/ PrintLn "The primes up to 10 are ", [n in 1..10 | IsPrime(n)];
The primes up to 10 are [2, 3, 5, 7]

/**/ Print "The quick brown fox", "jumped over the lazy dog.";
The quick brown foxjumped over the lazy dog
To put special characters in CoCoA string literals use the appropriate escape sequence. Here is a summary: \" produces a double-quote character; \n produces a newline character; \\ produces a backslash character; \t produces a TAB character; \r produces a carriage-return character.

/**/ Print "line 1\nline 2";
line 1
line 2
/**/  Print "A string containing \"quote marks\".";
A string containing "quote marks".
WARNING: CoCoA still accepts an obsolescent syntax for string literals (between single-quotes); do not use this!