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Text Box: The Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE) is an institutionally supported organization of thirty-one private colleges and universities. COFHE was formed in 1971, initially funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to examine how selective, private colleges and universities could discuss their commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities for highly talented students as well as best practices in fiscal management. The nine original "Sloan Study" institutions were joined by additional institutions in 1974 to form COFHE; the current membership stands at thirty-one. The original criteria for establishing the COFHE membership were that each institution: 1) be private, 2) attract a national undergraduate applicant pool, 3) be willing and able to participate actively in the various projects of the Consortium, and 4) have characteristics enough in common with the other members to permit each school's inclusion in various cooperative studies.
The Board of Directors is composed of ten members including seven presidents elected for three-year terms. The Chairperson of the Consortium is elected annually by the presidents of the member institutions to chair the Board, provide advice, direction, and counsel to the Chairperson of the Assembly and COFHE President. A committee composed of one representative from each institution serves as a guide to the staff of the Consortium in its project work on an ongoing basis, both directly and through various project subcommittees. Called the COFHE Assembly, its members include senior institutional representatives appointed by their Presidents from a broad range of campus functions: finance, admissions, financial aid, institutional research, and general administration. The Assembly meets semi-annually.
As provided for in its Agreement of Association, the purposes of the Consortium include the following:
Collecting from and reporting to the member institutions historical data relating to admission, financial aid, and costs.
Conducting periodic and special studies, as desired, to investigate aspects of institutional policy and administrative practices.
Convening meetings of the membership for general policy and research discussions of broad interest and import.
Monitoring developments within the federal government and the private sector as these developments relate to the financing of higher education, with specific emphasis on financial aid and student loan programs.
Cooperating and coordinating with other organizations concerned with higher education.

COFHE is an unincorporated association. MIT and Johns Hopkins University provide space for our two offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., respectively.

Consortium on Financing Higher Education
Dr. Kristine E. Dillon, President
238 Main Street, Suite 402
Cambridge, MA 02142