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Transforming Energy Management Markets: A Strategy Development Guide for Economic Development and Sustainability Practitioners
By Karl Seidman, Brendan McEwen, and Tara Aubuchon. February 2014.

Local Governments' Role in Energy Project Financing: A Guide to Financing Tools for the Commercial Real Estate Sector
By Brendan McEwen, MIT CoLab and John Miller, Institute for Market Transformation. March 2014.

The Anchor Mission, Leveraging the Power of Anchor Institutions to Build Community Wealth: A Case Study of University Hospitals Vision 2010 Program. Cleveland, Ohio.
By F. Serang, J. Phillip Thompson, and T. Howard. 2013.

Transforming Economic Development: Integrating Environmental Sustainability & Equity into Practice
Prepared by Karl Seidman, Tara Aubuchon, Emily Brown, Cathy Polasky, and Liz Thorstensen. August 2013.

Green Infrastructure and Economic Development: Strategies to Foster Opportunity for Marginalized Communities.
Prepared by Brendan McEwen, Tara Aubuchon, Harriette Crawford, Micah Davison, and Karl Seidman.  March 28, 2013.

Financing Urban District Energy Systems: Trends and Policy Implications for Portland
Prepared by Karl Seidman and Drew Pierson. January 2013.

Operational Energy Savings and Economic Development: Growing Markets for Building Energy Saving Services
Prepared for the City of Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development.  November 26, 2012.

HBCU Sustainability Action Plan Road Map
by Carlos Espinoza-Toro and Aly Bryson and partners, May 2012

Sustainable Management of Organic Wet Waste in Developing Cities
a paper prepared by Sloan students, January 2010

Green Grease Project Manual
by MIT Student IDEAS Competition Winners and Libby McDonald, September 2010

A guide to converting a diesel truck to run on waste vegetable oil.

Leveraging The Stimulus: How to Retrofit Communities To Build Equity & Sustainability
by Carlos Espinoza-Toro, Uyen Le, Sarah Nusser and the Leveraging The Stimulus Project Team, October 2009

"Plan Model" that represents guidelines and practices for equitable community development through the retrofitting of buildings in low-income communities.

Mapping Innovative Experiences Method
by Sebastiao Ferreira, September 2009

This method is for conducting a process of analytical reconstruction of innovative experiences that will help innovators understand their innovations and how they accomplish them, as well as social innovation promoters.

Reflective Practice: An Approach for Expanding Learning Frontiers
Course instructors Prof. Ceasar McDowell, Claudia Canepa, and Sebastiao Ferriera, January IAP 2007

The course is an introduction to the approach of Reflective Practice developed by Donald Schön. It is an approach that enables professionals to understand how they use their knowledge in practical situations and how they can combine practice and learning in a more effective way. Through greater awareness of how they deploy their knowledge in practical situations, professionals can increase their capacities of learning in a more timely way. Understanding how they frame situations and ideas helps professionals to achieve greater flexibility and increase their capacity of conceptual innovation.


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