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Meeting of the L.A. URBAN core group at the UCLA César E. Chávez Department for Chicana/o Studies. Photo by Patricia Molina Costa.

A group of urban scholars and activists, along with the Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy, and SAGE Publications, have established the Urban Research-Based Action Network (URBAN), a multi-disciplinary network of scholars and practitioners committed to the use of community-based research for collaborative generation and testing of knowledge. With a special emphasis on public higher education institutions, URBAN will create physical and virtual spaces where thinkers of all stripes, academic and non-academic, can have evidence-based discussion to explore and debate major research questions, future visions and policy solutions in urban communities. URBAN will seek to network prestigious urban research institutions offering scholars and activists opportunities to learn about, and collaborate on, urban fieldwork and action-research, using the neighborhoods where they work and live as crucibles of experimentation, innova­tion and knowledge creation. Other potential members of the urban research network include policy research centers, progressive think tanks, individual researchers, community-based organizations, and other non-govern­mental organizations. View the URBAN concept paper here. Visit the URBAN web site at http://urbanresearchnetwork.org/.

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