alternative media
Thursday, April 25, 2002
5:00-7:00 p.m.

Bartos Theater
MIT Media Lab
20 Ames Street


Emerging digital technologies have created new global audiences for local and alternative media. This Forum will offer a status report on the current condition and future prospects of alternative media, with special emphasis on non-commercial radio. How are independent media creators adapting to new technologies and to changes in the way consumers use media? What special challenges face independent media as commercial monopolies increase in size and influence and as governments and corporations try to impose restrictions on reporters and programmers?


David Goodman is managing editor of the Boston Community Reporters Project and has worked as a reporter and producer in public and non-commercial media for 20 years, including 16 years as a reporter for the Pacifica Network. His other assignments have included work for the BBC, NPR and the National Radio Project.

Marc Stern is chair of the history department at Bentley College and a specialist in labor history and the history of technology. He has been a radio producer and journalist for the Pacifica Network and for non-commercial stations in New York, Connecticut and Massachusets. He and David Goodman are co-producers of "RADIO with a VIEW," which has been broadcast by WMBR, Cambridge, since 1995.