archive: pettitt on the gutenberg parenthesis, 2007 and 2009

On April 1, 2010, the Communications Forum and MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies present The Gutenberg Parenthesis: Oral Tradition and Digital Technologies featuring Thomas Pettitt of the Institute of Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Southern Denmark.

Pettitt has discussed the Gutenberg Parenthesis in two previous visits to MIT.

At Media in Transition 5: creativity, ownership and collaboration in the digital age, held April 27-29, 2007, he made a presentation titled, "Before the Gutenberg Parenthesis: Elizabethan-American Compatibilies," while appearing on a a plenary panel about Folk Cultures and Digital Cultures (video).

Pettitt also submitted the paper, "Opening the Gutenberg Parenthesis: Media in Transition in Shakespeare’s England."

At Media in Transition 6: stone and papyrus, storage and transmission,
held April 24-26, 2009, he presented "Reformulating the Gutenberg Parenthesis: Containment and Articulation in Media Technology, Cultural Production, and the Perception of the Material World."

During the conference, Pettitt also appeared on the final Summary Perspectives (video) panel.