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April 24-26, 2009 MIT

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global media

What can Latin American TeleNovelas and Bollywood Films tell us about the global circulation of media content today?

What factors have made these works especially spreadable across a range of different contexts?

Why do some genres, such as melodrama or action films, travel more easily across national borders then others?

How has the global circulation of these materials impacted the genre traditions from which they originated?

What factors are shaping the flow of outside media into countries which are too small and too poor to constitute attractive markets for western media makers?

What factors are influencing the flow of media productions from Africa into the global marketplace?

How are new media platforms altering the flow of such cultural goods across national borders?

What continued role does the nation state play in shaping these movements of media content across different national and regional borders?

What models may best allow scholars and media producers alike to better understand the production and circulation of media content within an increasingly globalized media marketplace?