International Conference
April 24-26, 2009 MIT

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institutional perspectives on storage

At this moment of transition in the archive, we face many choices, from redundancy and maintaining double systems to all-out conversion to digital formats. What strategies make sense as you look forward?

Archives, particularly public broadcast archives, would seem to have twin obligations to preserve and provide access – obligations seen as complimentary by some and contradictory by others. How have digital technologies affected your views on this matter?

Are there lessons to be learned from the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Flickr for our next generation of archivists, and if so, do they take the form of cautionary tales, inspirations, or laboratory experiments requiring close monitoring?

How do you the see the affordances and dangers of cloud computing vs institutional concentration in terms of your archival mission?

What roles do you envision for the expert and for the “wisdom of the crowd” in the archive of the future?