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April 24-26, 2009 MIT

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Register Early
As you know, conference check-in is scheduled from 10:30-12:00 today (Friday, April 24). We can accommodate early arrivals beginning at 9:30 so if you can drop by early it will help prevent gridlock later today.

[These instructions are intended for call session panelists. Speakers and moderators on plenary panels have been contacted separately.]

Length of Presentations

All call session panels last 90 minutes, and we always try to leave the last half hour for discussion. So, the length of your presentation depends on the number of presentations being given. If there are four, you should each plan on a 15-minute presentation; if there are three, then plan on a 20-minute presentation; and if there are two people on your panel, you can each present for 30 minutes.

Moderator Duties
If you are a moderator for a breakout panel, please try and get to the assigned room as soon as possible after the preceding session. NOTE: On Friday, there are half-hour breaks between sessions whereas on Saturday and Sunday there are only 15 minute-breaks between sessions. Moderators should greet the speakers, decide on the order of presentations, and prepare to either introduce the speakers or have them introduce themselves. An audiovisual technican will come to the room to assist with setup. Please try and begin the session on time and hold speakers to their allotted time as per the above. Following presentations, the moderator should facilitate an audience discussion or Q&A.

Ideally, moderators, speakers and audience members will have read the full papers being presented ahead of time, if they were submited. Full papers are linked to abstract titles.

NOTE ABOUT THE MIT NETWORK: When you arrive on the MIT campus please visit about registering as a guest on the MIT computer network (OPTION B: Register without an IP address). Please be sure you have registered with the network before your MiT6 presentation.