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Massachusetts Institute of Technology


This seventh Media in Transition conference focuses directly on our core topic – the experience of transition. Our first conference in 1999 considered this subject, of course.  But that was before Facebook, iPhones, BitTorrent, IPTV and many other changes. How are we coping with the instability of platforms? How stable, how durable are current or emerging systems? How relevant are earlier periods of media change to our current experience of ongoing instability and transformation?

Media in Transition conferences have been held every two years at MIT since 1999. The conferences attract hundreds of scholars, journalists, designers and corporate leaders from many countries and institutions.

Becoming a sponsor of the seventh Media in Transition conference will put your brand in front of global leaders in education, journalism and industry.

To discuss becoming a sponsor of MiT7, please contact Andrew Whitacre, communications manager of CMS and the Center for Future Civic Media