Hooding Ceremony

Candidates for the PhD and the ScD receive their academic hoods in a ceremony on Thursday, June 5, 2014. Faculty, especially mentors of degree candidates, are encouraged to participate. The participation registration form is now open for 2014,

The ceremony runs from 11:30 am to approximately 1:15 pm. Robing and assembly for faculty begins at 10:55 am in the Johnson Athletics Center. Please arrive with your regalia; staff will be on hand to help you robe. There will be a coat rack, and you can expect to leave a jacket or sweater safely, but we recommend that you leave valuables in your office: there is no secure place to leave laptops, briefcases, or confidential files in the robing area. Further detail about 2014 security and other arrangements will be available at the end of May; this information will be sent directly to participants, as well.

Faculty must arrive for assembly by 11:05 am on Thursday.

Hoods are invested by the chancellor and the respective department head or his/her designate. We regret that it is not possible to honor requests from faculty to hood individual students, but it is essential for the flow of the ceremony to adhere to this policy.

The Hooding Ceremony lasts about 105 minutes. Faculty are asked to remain seated throughout. Thank you.

After the ceremony there is a reception on Kresge Oval. Graduates enjoy introducing their guests to their friends on the faculty; all are invited and no tickets are required.



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