Regalia and tickets


Senior lecturers may wear their own or rented regalia. We offer a webform through which you will be able to register to march at Commencement and order rented regalia; it will reopen in mid-April 2015..

Regalia pick-up and return

Complete information about picking up and returning regalia will be available in the spring.


If you are marching in the Commencement procession, you do not need a ticket. However, participants will have an opportunity to request ONE guest ticket via the registration form.

A note about Commencement guest tickets: tickets available to Senior Lecturers are intended for use by their guests only. Faculty tickets are not to be given to students. This is a matter of both fairness and logistics, as these tickets are separate and apart from the "general seating" area for which degree candidates receive four guest tickets. If you have questions about tickets available to faculty, please email Thank you.




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