About the Committee

Charge to CUP

The Committee on the Undergraduate Program exercises oversight for the undergraduate academic program including the freshman year, the General Institute Requirements, and other interdepartmental educational activities. The Committee considers proposals that would establish or change educational policies related to the undergraduate program, and it makes appropriate recommendations on these proposals to the MIT Faculty. One of the CUP’s particular responsibilities is in encouraging innovation and experimentation in undergraduate education and therefore, it has the authority to approve limited educational experiments and grant exceptions to existing policy and procedure in these cases. More details on the responsibilities of the CUP can be found in its charge in Rules and Regulations of the Faculty.

Membership AY2017

Duane Boning, Chair (2017)
Associate Chair of the Faculty* (Leslie Kolodziejski)
Chancellor Designate Representative* (Greg Rutledge)
Dean for Undergraduate Education* (Dennis M. Freeman)
Dean for Undergraduate Education Designate* (Jeffrey Grossman)
Hal Abelson (2018)
Joshua Angrist (2019)
Mark Goulthorpe (2017)
Thomas Herring (2018)
Nergis Mavalvala (2019)
Roberto Rigobon (2019)
Student Members
Caitlin Fischer
John Gordon (Fall)
Lisa Ho (Fall)
Victoria Petrova
Mary Jane Porzenheim (Spring)
Trey Watts (Spring)
Gen Filiault (Executive Officer and Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Support)
Kate Danahy (staff to CUP)

*Ex officio


All meetings are on Wednesdays, from noon to 2:00 P.M. during the academic year.

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