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Committee on the Undergraduate Program




MIT seeks to develop in its students independent attitudes, habits of mind, and approaches to learning to enable a lifetime of intellectual competence, social contribution, and personal fulfillment. The special purposes of the first year are to aid incoming students in adapting to the intellectual and social climate of the Institute; to begin preparation in the basics for later specialization; to stimulate and encourage intellectual interest and excitement in our newest students; and to serve as the first year of cultural broadening using the intellectual resources of MIT.

We believe that the objectives of the first year program are best accomplished in the context of a well-integrated curriculum that provides students with the time and opportunity to accomplish the tasks articulated below, so that by the end of the first year:

1) The student has made an effective transition to MIT by:

2) The student has acquired foundational knowledge in science and the humanities that includes certain portable tools as well as modes of thinking and analysis through:

3) The student is exercising his/her intellectual abilities by:

4) The student is developing social skills and acumen for MIT and beyond by:

This context assumes that there exists a well-designed faculty-based advising system that supports students in their development from high school seniors to members of a university living and learning community. The strength of this support — in conjunction with the greater MIT community -- fosters students’ intellectual and social development and prepares them for their roles as lifelong learners and leaders.


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