Employee Benefits Oversight Committee


Committee Members


MIT’s Employee Benefits Oversight Committee (EBOC) provides strategic guidance on employee benefits-related matters such as plan and program design, costs, funding, and competitiveness. The committee strives to approach benefits for employees—defined as faculty, staff, and postdoctoral associates—with the following criteria as a framework:

  • Aligns with MIT’s culture and values
  • Is affordable for employees and shields them from financial risk
  • Promotes the health, well-being, and development of employees
  • Competitive in relation to recruiting new faculty and staff
  • Responds to diverse employee needs
  • Sustainable for the Institute
  • Tax-efficient, cost-effective, and compliant
  • Supports employee engagement

Led by the Vice President for Human Resources (VPHR), the Committee consists of the Oversight Committee and three standing subcommittees. The subcommittees (with working groups as needed) address specific proposals and topics as appropriate. The VPHR reports back to the Provost and Executive Vice President and Treasurer as needed.

Health Subcommittee

The Health Subcommittee is charged with providing recommendations and guidance regarding health, wellness, and medical care for the MIT community. The Subcommittee identifies and analyzes critical issues and priorities as needed. The Health Subcommittee coordinates its work with the MIT Medical Management Board and the MIT Medical Consumers Advisory Council.

Retirement Subcommittee

The Retirement Subcommittee is charged with providing recommendations and advice regarding the full range of retirement benefits, including pension, 401(k), and post-retirement health.

Work-Life Subcommittee

The Work-Life Subcommittee is charged with providing recommendations and guidance regarding benefits that MIT provides, such as commuter benefits, child care, tuition assistance, etc., that do not fall under the areas of health or retirement. The Subcommittee evaluates and makes recommendations regarding new programs brought forward for consideration. The Work-Life Subcommittee will coordinate its work with MIT’s Employee Assistance Program as appropriate.