Institute Dining Review

"The purpose of the Institute Dining Review is to develop a new framework for campus-wide dining that will satisfy the needs and desires of the MIT Community."

Welcome! The Institute Dining Review is overseeing the creation a new campus dining system. We currently have the following documents available:


Description of the New Dining System

This document summarizes the features of the new dining system. It also includes an implementation schedule.

Design Process

Summary of Recommendations

The Dining Review has completed a new framework for the campus dining system. This document summarizes our recommendations, which have been approved by the senior administration.

Scope Statement

A formal description of what the Institute Dining Review is and what its goals are. Also summarizes how we intend to meet these goals.

Community Involvement Plan

We believe that every member of the MIT Community who wants to get involved with improving food service should be able to do so. Find out how we plan to involve the community (and have been involving the community) in designing a new campus dining system.

Interim Report

Want to find out what happened with all the comments we got from our 22 open meetings and 12 focus groups? Look no further.

Members of the Institute Dining Review

A list of the members of the Review's Working Group and the Review's Advisory Board.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Then send mail to the Institute Dining Review.

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Last Revised 10/16/98