Animal Care, Committee on | website | membership
Assessment of Biohazards and Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight, Committee on | membership
Baker Memorial Foundation Advisory Board, Everett Moore | membership
Commencement Committee | membership
Community Giving at MIT Campaign Committee | website | membership
Community Service Fund Board | website | membership
DAPER Advisory Board | membership
Endicott House Board of Governors | membership
Environmental Health and Safety, Institute Council on | website | membership
Family and Work, Council on the | website | membership
Foreign Scholarships, Committee on | website | membership
Hobby Shop, Committee on the | website | membership
Intellectual Property, Committee on | membership
Lincoln Laboratory - Campus Interaction Committee | membership
Medical Consumers' Advisory Council | membership
MITAC Advisory Council | website | membership
MIT Medical Management Board | membership
MIT Press Editorial Board | membership
MIT Press Management Board | membership
MIT Working Group on Support Staff Issues | website
Race and Diversity, Committee on | membership
Radiation Exposure to Human Subjects, Committee on | membership
Radiation Protection, Committee on | membership
Reactor Safeguard Committee | membership
Review of Space Planning, Committee for (CRSP) | membership
ROTC Oversight Committee | membership
Staff Diversity, Council on | membership
Student Information Policy, Committee on | website | membership
Supplemental 401(k) Plan Oversight Committee | membership
Technology Broadcasting Corporation | membership
Toxic Chemicals, Committee on | membership
Transportation and Parking, Committee for | membership
Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects, Committee on the (COUHES) | website | membership
Women's Advisory Group | membership

Appointments of Presidential committee members, including students, take place throughout the year. If you have questions about a roster that is posted, please contact Ms. Peggy Peterson at or extension 3-1706.