Motion Proposed to the MIT Faculty Meeting of October 17, 1990 by the MIT Committee on ROTC

IT IS MOVED that the Faculty adopt the following resolution:

We, the Faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, responding to the conflict between Department of Defense and MIT policies on discrimination with regard to sexual orientation, request:

1) that the MIT Committee on ROTC report at least once each year on

i) MIT initiatives toward change in DOD policy with regard to sexual orientation

ii) the committee's assessment of progress at the national level

2) that the Executive Committee of the Corporation and the MIT Committee on ROTC begin a dialogue on the need for action and on the possibility of interschool cooperation by faculties, administrations, and corporations

3) that the administration develop and undertake a five year program of action by MIT individually and in collaboration with other schools to work for reversal of DOD policy

4) that a task force be established by the President near the end of the five year period to evaluate progress and to recommend a future course of action, with the expectation that inadequate progress toward eliminating the DOD policy on sexual orientation will result in:

i) making ROTC unavailable to students beginning with the class entering in 1998

ii) giving notice of the impending termination in all appropriate MIT publications no later than the fall of 1996, should it be decided that ROTC is to be unavailable at MIT

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