MIT Presidential Task Force
on Student Life and Learning

Student Advisory Committee Preliminary Report

May 19, 1997
Table of Contents

Part I: Philosophy

1.1 The Educational Triad

Part II: Student Community

2.1 Fragmentation of the Student Community

2.2 Residential Issues

2.2.1 Diversity and Experiences
2.2.2 Orientation and Residence Selection
2.2.3 Overcrowding and Housing

2.3 Community Activities

2.4 Athletics

2.5 Student Government and Representation

2.6 Public Relations and Recruitment

2.7 Spaces

2.8 Outside Opportunities

Part III: Curriculum

3.1 Breadth v. Depth

3.2 Flexibility in Education

3.3 First-Year Program

3.4 Humanities Requirement

Part IV: Expectations of the Faculty

4.1 Classroom Teaching

4.2 Advising

4.3 Research

4.4 Role Models

4.5 Civic Responsibility

4.6 Summary

Part V: Concluding Remarks

Appendix A: Student Advisory Committee Report Authors

Appendix B: Educational Value of Community

Updated 2/12/98