Report of the Task Force on Student Life and Learning


This survey would not have been possible had it not been for the ideas and input contributed by hundreds of individuals from inside and outside of MIT. The Task Force would like to acknowledge those who took time out of their busy schedules to meet with the Task Force, review its work and proposals, and reflect on the strategic issues facing MIT today.

The Task Force owes a special debt to its two principal staff members, Traci Considine and Anders Hove. Traci Considine served the Task Force as staff associate, and she arranged all logistical and staff support for the group's deliberations. Anders Hove, who also served on the Student Advisory Committee, helped bring two years of deliberation to fruition as the principal editor of the Task Force's final report. Anthony Ives and Maya Gittens also served the Task Force as staff.

Many MIT staff members participated actively in the Task Force's deliberations. Margaret Bates, Andrew Eisenmann, Arnold Henderson, Margaret Jablonski, and Robert Randolph served on the student-life sub-group along with Task Force and Student Advisory Committee members. Peggy Enders organized many of the Task Force's meetings with faculty committees, alumni, and staff members, and contributed in numerous other ways. Lydia Snover and Alberta Lipson helped compile much of the data reviewed by the Task Force.