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The Working Group was formed in 1975 to provide a voice for support staff concerns. It is composed of employees throughout the Institute who work together to address issues of concern to Support Staff at MIT. Members organize task groups to research and work through these issues. Once the group reaches a consensus, they present a report to the full membership for implementation. Currently, there are four committees and four task groups each actively supporting the mission of the WG while creating unique identities of their own.

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Membership Committee   Commuting
Artists Behind the Desk   Support Staff Identity
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Task Groups

Task Groups are established as issues arise. Once an issue of concern is identified by members of the WG, interested parties develop a proposal for a new task group. This proposal includes the following components: why the task group is needed (Purpose); what the task group would like to accomplish (Mission); a projected end product (Goals); how they will carry out their task (Timeline)? This proposal for a new task group is then presented to the entire WG for discussion, with a significant effort to determine whether or not there is enough interest to warrant establishing the new task group. If the WG decides that a new task group should be convened, co-chairs are designated and they begin work immediately.


Committees are created to provide a service to the MIT community and/or Working Group members and provide a voice to support staff as well. The MIT community benefits from the support staff members who have dedicated themselves to committees such as Artists Behind the Desk, the Recycling Committee and Transportation and Parking while WG members and support staff are served by the Membership Committee and the the people who maintain Support Staff lists through List Management.


Two co-conveners nominated by the Working Group membership (1 senior, 1 junior) guide the WG and its task groups and committees throughout the academic year. Also, the co-conveners serve as liaisons between the WG and MIT's Human Resource Department which oversees all committee organizations operating under the approval of the Institute. The co-conveners serve overlapping two-year terms.

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