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Working Group on Support Staff Issues:

The Working Group on Support Staff Issues provides list maintenance for the MIT-wide Support Staff Email List ( This list was created so that issues important to support staff could be communicated to Support Staff in a fast, efficient manner. With the continuous change we experience at MIT, it is important that all Support Staff have an opportunity to receive information about the processes and to communicate ideas to the appropriate parties. This is the primary reason that the Reengineering Task Group of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues established and created this email list.

Limited Access

Authorized users with access to the list is limited to the Office of the Vice President of Human Resources (Personnel Office, Benefits Office), the Reengineering Teams, and the Working Group on Support Staff Issues. Additional authorized users of the list will be maintained by the Working Group.List members will not be able to send messages to or reply to Reply messages can only be sent to the originator of the message listed in the body of the email message. This feature has been instituted to prevent replies from being sent to the entire list.


The email list contains the names of all support staff who subscribe to the list. This list is confidential and the MITVMA listserv will not allow anyone to obtain information about individuals subscribed to the list. This prevents the list from being given to unauthorized persons and prevents the members from receiving "junk" mail. This list will be used for public announcements to MIT support staff. With few exceptions, all members of the list are MIT support staff.

List Use

The list is for Institute Purposes Only. Any unauthorized communication, as defined by the MITnet Rules of Use, sent
or replied to the list will be intercepted and referred to the Working Group Co-Conveners for initial review. If the communication is appropriate, it will be forwarded to the supstaff list.

Examples of use: communications about professional development seminars for MIT employees sponsored by MIT, Working Group sponsored events open to support staff, MIT Town Meeting announcements, communications/announcements from the Benefits Office or Personnel office appropriate to support staff (includes job listings).

List Maintenance

Due to the size of the list, it is not possible to communicate with each prospective subscriber before establishing
the list. Persons who have subscribed to the list may leave the list at any time by completing the form below.

In addition, the Working Group on Support Staff Issues will actively maintain the list, adding and deleting users as necessary. Every six months the list is updated to reflect new hires. If any support staff employees wish to be added or removed between update periods, they may contact the Working Group or use this form. Subscribe/Unsubscribe
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