About the Requirement

Beginning with students entering in Fall 2001, all MIT undergraduates must fulfill a Communication Requirement (CR) by completing a program of four communication-intensive (CI) subjects that teach written and oral communication. The CR is designed to ensure that the students’ communication training is distributed over several years of study. To achieve this goal, the Requirement is structured so that students complete at least one CI subject in each year of undergraduate study.

Two of the required subjects are chosen from a group of designated subjects offered in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences curriculum (CI-H subjects). The other two required CI subjects are taken in the student’s major department (CI-M subjects).

As a result of this structure, a wide spectrum of communication-intensive subjects is offered across all five Schools throughout the Institute. These subjects encompass a number of formats including: laboratory classes, in which students write, revise and present laboratory reports; seminars, in which they prepare and lead discussions; senior theses; and independent research projects.

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