CI-M Subjects for Course 2 Majors

CI-M subjects fulfill the CI component for the designated major(s). Non-majors who enroll in these subjects will have the same educational experience, but will not receive CI credit for completing these subjects. You should check the degree charts in the MIT Bulletin to identify the CI-M subjects for your major program(s).

Mechanical Engineering
2, 2-A, and 2-OE  
  one of:
  2.009 The Product Engineering Process or
  2.013 Engineering Systems Design or
  2.014 Engineering Systems Development or
  2.019 Design of Ocean Systems or
  2.750 Medical Device Design or
  2.760 Global Engineering  
  2.671 Measurement and Instrumentation
  All students will be required to complete 2.671 Measurement and Instrumentation.

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