CI-M Subjects for Course 21E and 21S Majors

CI-M subjects fulfill the CI component for the designated major(s). Non-majors who enroll in these subjects will have the same educational experience, but will not receive CI credit for completing these subjects. You should check the degree charts in the MIT Bulletin to identify the CI-M subjects for your major program(s).

21E (Humanities and Engineering) and
21S (Humanities and Science)
21E and 21S are joint programs that combine humanities with engineering or scientific studies. Each 21E or 21S program must include two CI-M subjects. Normally, students will be expected to complete one CI-M subject from each area of study, usually chosen from the subjects designated as CI-M for the full major. You should contact the Office of the Communication Requirement ( for further information.
Petition for declaration of CI-Ms for 21E/S majors

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