CI-M Subjects for Major Departure Majors

CI-M subjects fulfill the CI component for the designated major(s). Non-majors who enroll in these subjects will have the same educational experience, but will not receive CI credit for completing these subjects. You should check the degree charts in the MIT Bulletin to identify the CI-M subjects for your major program(s).

Major Departures
Major Departures (American Studies, Ancient and Medieval Studies, East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Psychology, Russian Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies) If you are proposing a major departure, your program of study must include two CI-M subjects, generally sequenced so that you will take one in the junior year and one in the senior year. You will propose these subjects, in consultation with the Faculty Advisor in the major departure field, when you make the program proposal. In most cases, these subjects will be selected from among the advanced subjects serving as CI-Ms for major programs in adjacent disciplines, e.g., a student designing a major departure in American Studies might propose a subject serving as CI-M for History majors.

CI-M subjects for major departure programs will be reviewed by the SHASS Academic Administrator and the Assistant Dean for the Communication Requirement, on behalf of SOCR, before the proposal is submitted to the Dean of the SHASS for approval. If a CI-M subject for a major departure has not been reviewed and approved by SOCR, you will need to petition SOCR to have the subject approved prior to submitting the program proposal to the Dean of SHASS.
  petition for declaration of CI-Ms for major departure program of study

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