Departments and Administrators

Administering the Requirement for your majors

The Communication Requirement consists of four Communication Intensive (CI) subjects sequenced throughout a student's undergraduate career. Every student takes two CI subjects in the humanities, arts, and social sciences (CI-H) and two CI subjects within his or her major program (CI-M). Only one CI-H subject per term may count towards completion of the Communication Requirement; however, this restriction does not apply to a CI-H and a CI-M subject or two CI-M subjects taken in the same term.

Special Situations

Double majors

Students wishing to receive two S.B. majors must pass two CI-H subjects and the CI-M subjects that fulfill the communication component of each major. Usually, this means that students must pass four CI-M subjects (two in each major program). In some cases, a CI-M subject may be used to fulfill the communication component of both majors simultaneously if the subject is approved for both programs.

The Registrar's Office will audit for two CI-Ms in the primary major. The second department is responsible for auditing that the students take the CI-M subjects in that major. The Undergraduate Registrar Officer or designee signs the COC petition for a second S.B. and is responsible for enforcement.

Substitutions for subjects designated as CI-M

If a department allows a student to substitute a non-CI subject for a departmental program that carries CI-M credit, SOCR must approve the substitution in order for the student to receive CI-M credit for this subject. In some cases the student may be required to complete additional work.

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