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CI-M subjects

The Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement approved revised descriptions and criteria for CI-M subjects in Academic Year 2013-2014. All CI-M subjects are expected to meet these criteria. If you have questions regarding these criteria, please contact the Office of the Communication Requirement.

CI-M subjects (Communication Intensive in the Major) teach the specific forms of communication common to the field's professional and academic culture. CI-M subjects offer substantial instruction and practice in written and oral presentation, and fulfill the CI-M component for the designated major(s). Each undergraduate degree program is designed so that students take at least two CI-M subjects within their major program, typically in their junior and senior years at the Institute. One CI-M subject must offer substantial instruction and practice in oral presentation. Non-majors who enroll in CI-M subjects will have the same educational experience, but will not receive CI credit for completing these subjects. Students may prepare and present oral and visual research reports for different audiences, learn audience analysis and peer review, or go through the experience of proposing, writing, and extensively revising a professional journal article. This work may be done individually or in teams. A list of current CI-M subjects by undergraduate major is available online.

The Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement has established the following desired outcomes specified for CI-M subjects:

Mechanical Criteria for CI-M subjects

Communication Intensive subjects in the major (CI-M) must:

Proposing CI-M subjects

Departments may propose new CI-M subjects by submitting a Word proposal form and updated syllabus to the Office of the Communication Requirement. The due date for AY2017-18 CI-M proposals is December 11, 2017.

All proposals will be reviewed by the Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR) for their CI content before they are forwarded to the Committee on Curricula (CoC).

Typically, proposals are reviewed in the year before the subject will be offered as a CI-M; for proposals that fall outside this cycle, please contact the Office of the Communication Requirement to discuss the possibilities.

Modifying CI-M subjects

If a department proposes major modifications to a CI-M subject, it should submit a proposal to SOCR to have the subject re-evaluated. Major modifications include changes to the number or type of communication-intensive assignments, the instruction in communication, or the number of units. Departments may use the same Word proposal form to propose new CI-M subjects and modifications.


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