Department Ambassadors

Department ambassadors for Community Giving at MIT act as liaisons and leaders within their academic department. Ambassadors play a collaborative role and serve as a resource to colleagues to inform them about Community Giving at MIT and its activities. Many initiate or participate in additional fundraising events that spotlight the organizations and causes we care about.

Become an ambassador

If you would like to serve as a department ambassador or have questions about the program, we'd welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please contact us at or 617-253-7914.

Ambassador Resources

Use these resources to reach out to your colleagues and support local charities!

Find your ambassador

The 2017-18 ambassadors are listed here by department or office. If you don't see an ambassador listed for your office, please consider volunteering for the year. We welcome your help with getting the word out about Community Giving at MIT!

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Audit Division

Carter Stubbs (617) 253-9811


Center for International Studies

Laurie Scheffler (617) 253-3121

John Congdon (617) 253-8998


Global Studies and Languages

Joyce Roberge (617) 253-4550


Human Resources

Shawn Spencer (617) 253-6109


Information Systems and Technology

Sarah Quigley (617) 324-6549


Literature Section

Chloe Jones (617) 258-5629


Office of the Provost

Mary Niskala (617) 253-0117

Chase Bronstein (617) 253-0625



Kara Cunningham (617) 258-6413

Research Laboratory of Electronics

Michael Abramo (617) 253-2519

Maxine Samuels (617) 253-5281

Arlene Wint (617) 324-4349


Sloan School of Management

Therese Henderson (617) 715-2504

Amanda Jarvis (617) 324-7327

Anita Horn (617) 253-6123


Technology Licensing Office

Nick Lee (617) 253-6966

Monica Jang (617) 253-6966


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