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Your favorite local charity
You decide!

You may have a cause or a non-profit organization that you care about.  Perhaps an organization helped you or a family member; or you already donate to an organization during the year; or you volunteer at a local non-profit. You decide which local 501(c)(3) health or human services agency to support.

Why give to your favorite charity through MIT?

  • 100 percent of your contribution will be sent to your selected agency. MIT does not deduct any administrative or credit card fees from your donation.
  • Through payroll deductions, donate to an organization without having to write a large check or expand your giving and donate to a new agency.
  • Make your on-line contribution with your credit card and earn miles, points or cash back.

There are many ways to effect positive change in our communities. MIT employees and retirees have selected 350 different local health or human services agencies that address the large issues we care about or provide comfort or care on a more individual level.

Employee selected charities
View the growing list of employee selected charities. Spotlight your favorite charity by making a contribution and adding it to the list. We're happy to answer questions and assist you in making your donation designation. Please contact us at or 617-253-7914.

Are there any restrictions to Community Giving at MIT?
The focus of Community Giving at MIT is to support health and human service agencies. Over the years, we have found that many people would like to donate to faith-based organizations, schools, libraries, and environmental or animal organizations, and we make every effort to facilitate the philanthropic priorities of employees who choose to make those donations through MIT. If one of these types of organizations or charities is important to you, please designate your donation so it meets the criteria for inclusion in the Community Giving at MIT program. We encourage employees to find out whether their favorite organizations have special funds that support

  • Service animal training and programming
  • Food pantries and nutrition services
  • Youth, senior, or other service programs
  • Community outreach
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Emergency or short-term shelter services

Organizations that don't fall within the parameters of Community Giving at MIT include building or restoration projects for faith-based institutions or libraries, public radio or television, unrestricted donations to alumni organizations, animal rescue or spay/neuter programs, and political parties.

MIT Habitat for
HumanityMIT Habitat for Humanity volunteers at Merrimack Valley, a local affiliate, spent the day renovating a convent which is being made into multiple duplexes for families in need. The project was to install foam as insulation in one of the main rooms.
(Photo: MIT Habitat for Humanity)

The Volunteer Escort Transportation Program of Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services (SCES) offers rides to seniors who find it difficult to use public transportation. Volunteer drivers provide rides to a variety of local destinations; however, trips to medical appointments are given priority.

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