MIT Certificates Required

Steering Committee Members

Bevin P. Engelward
MIT Campaign Chair
Professor, Department of Biological Engineering

Mark Bathe
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Engineering

Elizabeth Carbone
Senior Program Manager, Medical Department

John R. Currier
Philanthropic Advisor, Office of Philanthropic Partnerships

Felix DeLeon
Assistant Manager, Department of Facilities

Anthony P. Farrell
Staff to the Committee
Administrative Assistant, Community Services Office

Emer Garland
Communications Specialist, Office of the Vice President for Institute Affairs

Ann Harvey
Director of Administrative Services and Operations, Office of the Vice President for Finance

Anita I. Horn
Systems Analyst, Sloan School of Management

Ted E. Johnson
MIT Campaign Manager
Managing Director, Institute Events

Ashley M. Kennedy
Staff to the MIT Community Service Fund Board of Trustees
Administrative Assistant, Government and Community Relations

Paul Ambrose O'Gorman
Associate Professor, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Michael K. Owu
Director of Real Estate, MIT Investment Management Company

Paul Parravano
MIT Community Service Fund Secretary
Co-Director, Government and Community Relations

Matthew D. Shoulders
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Shawn P. Spencer
Human Resources Representative, HR Department

Traci Swartz
Staff to the Committee
Program Coordinator, Community Services Office

Anthony L. Zolnik
Department Space Manager, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

MIT faculty, staff, and students mentor grade school students through the MIT Public Service Center.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology