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Charity of Your Choice

Choose a local nonprofit that matters to you.

Has a local organization helped you or someone you know? Do you already donate to or volunteer at a local non-profit? Do you want to start?

Community Giving at MIT can help. We provide convenient choices for giving a one-time or regular donation, and we make sure 100% of your gift goes to the charity you select. We make donating to local 501c3 health and human service agencies easy and impactful.

If there is a local charity or cause that is important to you, donating to that agency is a good way to give back in a personal and meaningful way.

See which local charities your fellow donors have chosen to support.

Animals Helping People

Children and Youth

Counseling and Therapy

Disability Services

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Elder Services

Health Services and Medical Research

Homelessness and Housing


Legal Services



Multi-service and Community Centers

Relief Organizations

Substance Abuse and Recovery


Other Charities

Give now on Atlas.
MIT Certificates are required