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Has a local organization helped you or someone you know? Do you already donate to or volunteer at a local non-profit? Do you want to start?

Community Giving at MIT can help. We provide convenient choices for giving a one-time or regular donation, and we make sure 100% of your gift goes to the charity you select. We make donating to local 501c3 health and human service agencies easy and impactful.

If there is a local charity or cause that is important to you, donating to that agency is a good way to give back in a personal and meaningful way.

See which local charities your fellow donors have chosen to support.

MIT Community Service Fund

Our flagship program, the MIT Community Service Fund supports the efforts of students and your colleagues working directly with people in need.

MIT volunteers serve food at the MIT Soup Kitchen, Project Manna, and Community Cooks. They are counselors and mentors at Camp Kesem, a college student-run summer camp for kids with a parent who has cancer. They teach, tutor, and mentor underserved students through programs like Amphibious Achievement, Read to a Child, Tutoring Plus, ReachOut. They encourage students’ interest in math, science, and engineering through MITxplore, DynaMIT, Club de Ciencias, and the TTT Mentor Program; they build girls’ confidence through SHINE for Girls and the MIT Women’s Initiative.

Let's keep the talent and energy at MIT flowing toward long-lasting solutions by working on the ground to make our city a better place for everyone. If you want to help MIT minds and hands make a direct impact on our greater community, a donation to the CSF is the way to do it.

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

A long-time partner of Community Giving at MIT, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley brings together a network of over 200 agencies from our local footprint to focus on preparing children to learn, supporting youth in school, and lifting families from poverty.

Your gift to United Way funds poverty-reducing initiatives in job training and placement, budget coaching and financial education, affordable housing and homelessness prevention, and emergency assistance for basic needs.

If you want to donate to an established and trusted organization working to improve the lives of underserved families in Greater Boston, United Way is a good choice for you.

Margaret Fuller House Van

The Margaret Fuller House is a multi-service center located in the Port neighborhood of Cambridge, just a few blocks from MIT. With a food pantry, after school programs, youth summer camps, a breakfast club for seniors, elder care services, and job training, the Margaret Fuller House helps to enrich the lives of Cambridge residents who benefit most from reliable support.

Transportation will enable the Margaret Fuller House to provide essential services and expand its reach in the neighborhood. Here’s the impact that a passenger van will make.

  • Increase capacity to serve new schools in the city that are currently out of our reach due to lack of transportation.
  • Increase average attendance to reach capacity of 48 children per day from current average of 35 children.
  • Increase potential revenue of up to $80,000 due to the larger number of parent fees and voucher slots.
  • Deliver food to individuals with disabilities or with mobility issues that make it difficult to access the on-site food pantry.
  • Provide additional field trips that become too costly or logistically difficult because of lack of transportation.
  • Pick up the elders who attend a weekly breakfast on Tuesday mornings.
  • Deliver meals and do regular check-in visits with the elders to ensure that they are well taken care of.
  • Transport clients to interviews, job training, or other meetings, getting over one of the largest barriers for clients seeking employment.
  • Currently, the MFNH staff use their own vehicles to transport clients. A van would alleviate the liability.

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