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27 October 2005

Publishing Services Bureau hosted this online seminar sponsored by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). The new technologies of the "social web" are enabling communications and marketing professionals to engage with key constituencies as never before. Four senior PR practitioners discussed new-media strategies as they apply to blogs, wikis, RSS, and podcasts. The speakers described how these four technologies function and how they're being used in academic communications.

After the seminar, Jeff Reed and Lisa Mayer from MIT's Departmental Consulting and Academic Development (DCAD) talked about the technologies currently in use at MIT and what is in development.


CASE seminar
David Jarmul, associate vice president, news and communications, Duke University
Joseph Hice, Jr., associate vice president, marketing and public relations, University of Florida
Charlie Melichar, vice president, PR and communications, Colgate University
Dan Forbush, president, ProfNet

MIT's involvement
Jeff Reed, team leader, Departmental Consulting and Application Development
Lisa Mayer, web and database consultant, Departmental Consulting and Application Development

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