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  • S.M, MIT—Technology and Policy
        (Jan. 1989)
  • B.S.M.E, UMass-Amherst—Mechanical Engineering
        (Jan. 1986)
  • B.A., UMass-Amherst—Applied Anthropology
        (May 1980)

Current Research Activities/Initiatives


In addition to the support AGREA gives to the groups and activities below, AGREA also conducts its own research. These are discussed in more detail on the AGREA website, so I only list them here.

Avoided Emissions from Renewables and Energy Efficiency. Over the past several years we have been looking at the dynamics of wind and solar electric generation. How those dynamics match up with the demand for electricity, and the operation of conventional generation (coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydropower) determines the "value" of renewables, from both a cost and emissions perspective.

TRANSES - Transition to Sustaianble Energy Services in Northern Europe. This project with colleagues in Norway and Sweden, and with the Building Technology Program here at MIT

   The AGS

The AGS Energy Flagship Program. In 2005, the AGS launched its first "flagship" research education and outreach program. The "Near-Term Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future" program works across numerous energy themes and geographic areas to build up knowledge and insights on how to transform our energy infrastructures into a more sustainable supply and use of energy.


CMI Centre for Energy Security. For the past year, with the support of the Cambridge-MIT Institute, the LFEE and Cambridge University have been defining the scope and function of a "Centre for Energy Security" that would bring together industry, government, and academics to address key issues regarding the long-term operational, economic and environmental performance of regional energy infrastructures/markets.

Past Activities/Initiatives

AGS Regional Energy Scenarios Projects - including the Mexico City Integrated Air Quality program, the China Energy Technology Program (CETP), and SESAMS looking at electricity alternatives for Switzerland.

Competitive Power Systems Research Group. Led by Dr. Marija Ilic, now at Carnegie Mellon University, this multi-year program worked with utilities and companies like ABB and TransEnergie to conduct resarch on the "next generation" of power systems analytic approaches that bridge the operational needs of the power network, and the market dynamics of a competitive electricity market.

E-Lab Electric Utility Program. From 1993 to 1998 Steve was director of the E-Lab's Electric Utility Program which brought together electric utilities and MIT faculty working on topics of interest to the electric power industry.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to my research at MIT, I am active in various local "grassroots" activities. Implementation of clean energy technologies and practices are becoming increasingly decentralized. Therefore it is important to understand, and create understanding by the general public, on issues of climate change, energy systems, and how they can be brought together to provide ourselves with a clean, affordable energy future.

AltWheels. Since its inception, I have helped organize the The AltWheels Alternative Transportation Festival. This includes helping to put together the technical program, being the keynote speaker for that program (see talks), and managing the website.

Appalachian Mountain Club. For the last ten years I have been very active in the Boston Chapter of the AMC, in particular being the co-chair of the Boston Chapter's Conservation Committee.

Ancient Activities

Peace Corps - Benin. From mid-1980 to the end of 1982 I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin, West Africa. I was one of four volunteers on an "appropriate technology" project where we were designing and testing wood conserving cookstoves. The monetary and labor cost of finding wood with which to cook was becoming a major factor in some villages across Africa, as well as contributing to deforestation. (We were not worrying about climate change yet).

A Few Favorite (and Fun) Things...

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