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Jean-Marc Valleton, ``Mechanochemical coupling in an enzyme system,'' Jan. 1984 - Dec 1985; current position: Staff Scientist, CNRS, France.

Jeremy Nussbaum, ``Electromagnetic interactions with cells and tissues,'' Sept. 1986 - June 1987; current position: Prime Computer.

Aryeh Weiss, ``Fluorescence detection of protein transport,'' Sept. 1986 - June 1987; current position: Asst. Prof., Department of  Electrical Engineering, Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel.

Paul Grimshaw, `` Electrical control of membrane permeability,'' Sept. 1989 - July 1991; current position: Research Engineer, Cambridge Heart, Inc., Billerica, Mass.

Adi Shefer, ``Synthesis of hydrogel membranes,'' Sept. 1990 - August 1993; current position: Asst. Professor, Department of Chemistry, Rutgers.

Robert Sah, ``Growth factor regulation of biosynthesis and physical properties of cartilage,'' July 1991 - Sept. 1992; current  position:  Asst. Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, UCSD.

Marc E. Levenston, ``Long Term Static and Dynamic Compression of Chondrocytes,'' 1995-1998, NIH NRSA Post-Doctoral Fellow, MIT. current position: Asst. Professor, Stanford.

Lawrence J. Bonassar, ``Matrix Metalloproteinase Degradation of Articular Cartilage,'' 1995-1998. current position: Asst. Professor, Cornell University.

Bodo Kurz, Injurious Compression of Cartilage: Relation to Gene Expression and Matrix Turnover,'' Oct 1998-Sept 1999. current position: Prof. Kiel University.

Alex Kerin, ``Effects of Mechanical Compression on Chondrocytes in Adult Human Articular Cartilage,'' May 1999-May 2001.

Jean-Noel Gouze, ``Aggrecan Processing in Chondrocytes and Cartilage'', February-August, 2000; March 2001-February 2004.

Moonsoo Jin, “ERK Signaling and Gene Expression in Cartilage,” 2002. current position: Asst. Prof. Univ of Maryland.

Bernd Rauloffs, “Cartilage Injury,” January 2003-December, 2005. current position:

Michael A. DiMicco, Cartilage Injury, September 2001-May, 2005. current position: research scientist, Genzyme.

John Kisiday, “Cartilage tissue Engineering using an Equine Model, April 2003 – March 2005. current position: Asst. Prof. Colorado State University.

Delphine Dean, AFM Measurement and Molecular Modeling of Aggrecan interactions, Jan – June, 2005. current position: Asst. Prof.

Eric Vanderploeg, Cartilage Tissue Engineering with Self Assembling Peptide Scaffolds, August 2006 – September 2009.

Detlef Schumann, Human Cartilage Injury, October 2006 – October 2008.

Paul Kopesky, Cartilage Tissue Engineering, June - December 2009.

Lin Han, Cartilage Nanomechanics, 2010 - 2012.

Ph.D. Students:

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Lee, Raphael C., Cartilage Electromechanics: The Relationship Between Physiochemical and Mechanical Properties, September 1979.

Eisenberg, Solomon R., Non Equilibrium Electromechanical Interactions in Cartilage, January 1983.

Siegel, Ronald A., Sustained Release of Drugs from Polymers, February 1984. (Co-Supervised with R. Langer)

Weiss, Aryeh M., Real Time Control of the Permeability of Crosslinked Polyelectrolyte Membranes to Fluorescent Solutes,'' May 1986.

Nussbaum, Jeremy H., Electric Field Control of Polyelectrolyte Swelling and Permeability,'' August 1986.

Gray, Martha L., Physical Regulation of Epiphyseal Cartilage Biosynthesis: Responses to Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical Signals, July 1986. (Co-Supervised: R. Lee)

Frank, Eliot H., Electromechanics of Normal and Degenerated Cartilage: Poroelastic Behavior and Electrokinetic Mechanisms, May 1987.

Sachs, Jeffrey, A Mathematical Model of an Electromechanically Coupled Poroelastic Medium, June 1987.

MacGinitie, Laura A., Electrical and Thermal Modulation of Protein Synthesis in Cartilage: A Model for Field Effects on Biological Tissues, December 1987.

Grimshaw, Paul E., Electrical Control of Solute Transport Across Polyelectrolyte Membranes, February 1989.

Sah, Robert L., Biophysical Regulation of Matrix Synthesis, Assembly, and Degradation in Dynamically Compressed Calf Cartilage, January 1990.

Buschmann, Michael D., Extracellular Matrix in Chondrocyte/Agarose Gel Culture: Physical Characterization and Metabolic Stimulation, February, 1992.

Kim, Young-Jo, Mechanical and Chemical Stimulation of Cartilage Matrix Metabolism: Cellular Kinetics, January, 1993.

Chang, David Y-S, Augmentation of Mass Transfer Through Electrical Means and Nutrient Enrichment for Suspension and Entrapment Cell Cultures, May, 1994 (co-supervised with Prof. D.I.C. Wang).

Bonassar, Larry, Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity and Inhibition in Articular Cartilage: Effects on Composition and Biophysical Properties and Relevance to Osteoarthritis, February, 1995.

Berkenblit, Scott, Spatial Localization of Cartilage Degradation using Electromechanical Surface Spectroscopy with Variable Wavelength and Frequency, June, 1996

Quinn, Thomas M., `rticular Cartilage: Matrix Assembly, Mediation of Chondrocyte Metabolism, and Response to Compression, June, 1996.

Garcia, A. Minerva, Mechanisms of Macromolecular Transport Through Articular Cartilage: Relevance to Loading, June, 1996.

Treppo, Steven, Physical Diagnostics of Cartilage Degradation, January, 1999.

Ragan, Paula M, Effects of Mechanical Compression on Chondrocyte Gene Expression, June, 1999.         

Jin, Moonsoo, Shear Deformation of Cartilage Modulates Matrix  Biosynthesis,  June 2002

Lee, Cynthia R, Behavior of Passaged Chondrocytes in Collagen-Glycosaminoglycan Scaffolds: Effects of Cross Linking, Mecahncial Loading, and Genetic Modification of the Scaffold (Co-Supervised by M. Spector), February, 2002.

Patwari, Parth K, Mannosamine Inhibits the Degradation of Cartilage Biomechanical Properties induced by IL-1, June, 2003.

Szasz, Nora, Transport and Binding of Proteins within Cartilage Explants, June 2003.

Soeg, Joonil, Measurement of Chondroitin Sulfate Intermolecular Electrostatic Repulsion Using High Resolution Force Spectroscopy, June 2003 (Co-Supervised by C. Ortiz).

Kisiday, John, Self Assembling Peptide Gel Matrix for Cartilage Tissue Engineering, June, 2003.

Bathe, Mark, Atomic Model for Persistence length and GAG Electrostatic interactions, (Co-Supervised by B. Tidor and Greg Rutledge), June, 2004.

Dean, Delphine, Modeling and Measurement of Intermolecular Interaction Forces between Cartilage ECM Macromolecules, (Co-Supervised by C. Ortiz), February, 2005.

Lee, Jennifer H., Chondrocyte Response to In Vitro Mechanical Injury and Co-Culture with Joint Capsule Tissue, June, 2005.

Szafranski, Jon, Cartilage Mechanobiology: The Effects of Loading on the Fine Structure and Function of Chondroitin Sulfate Glycosaminoglycans, June, 2005.

FitzGerald, Jonathan, Chondrocyte Gene Expression and Intracellular Signaling Pathways in Cartilage Mechanotransduction, September, 2005.

Ng, Laurel, Structure and Nanomechanics of Aggrecan and the Aggrecan-Rich Pericellular Matrix of
Chondrocytes in Cartilage (Co-Supervised by C. Ortiz), September 2005.

Stevens, Anna L. Mechanical injury and inflammatory cytokines affect cartilage matrix integrity and tissue homeostasis: A mass spectrometric analysis of proteins with relevance to arthritis, September, 2006.

Han, Lin, DMSE, Nanomechanics of Cartilage Extracellular Matrix Macromolecules (in progress, Co-Supervised by C. Ortiz), August, 2007.

Chai, Diana H., BE, Progression of Chondrocyte Signaling Responses to Mechanical Stimulation in 3-D Gel Culture, February, 2008.

Wheeler, Cameron A., BE, Cartilage Response to In Vitro Models of Injury in Combination With Growth Factor and Antioxidant Treatments, February, 2008.

Kopesky, Paul W., BE, Self-assembling peptide hydrogels promote in vitro chondrogenesis of bone marrow-derived stromal cells: Effects of peptide sequence, cell donor age, and method of growth factor delivery, June, 2009.

Chen, Shuodan, EECS, Regulation of Lubricin Gene Expression and Synthesis in Cartilage by Mechanical Injury, September, 2009.

Lee, Bobae, DMSE, Time-dependent mechanical behavior of newly developing matrix of
bovine primary chondrocytes and bone marrow stromal cells using Atomic Force Microscopy,     
Co-Supervised by C. Ortiz, September, 2009.

Sui, Yi, BE, In Vitro Models of Cartilage Degradation Following Joint Injury: Mechancial Overload,
Inflammatory Cytokines, and Therapeutic Approaches, February, 2010.

Byun, Sangwon, EECS, Transport of Proteins, Biopharmaceuticals, and Small Pharmaceutical
Compounds into Normal and Injured Cartilage, June, 2010.

Lee, Hsu-Yi, EECS, (Co-Supervised by C. Ortiz), Molecular Structure and Nanomechanical Properties of Aggrecan from Aged, Diseased, and Engineered Tissues, June, 2010.

Miller, Rachel E., BE, In vitro and in vivo Growth Factor Delivery to Chondrocytes and Bone-Marrow-Derived Stromal Cells in Cartilage and in Self-Assembling Peptide Scaffolds, June, 2010.

Florine, Emily., BE, Cartilage Tissue Engineering, June, 2012.

M.D. Students:

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Sukhatme, Vikas, ``Varying Cell shape in Tissue Culture by Changing Substratum Surface Charge,'' February 1979.

Salant, Evan, ``Surface Probe for Electrokinetic Detection of Cartilage Degeneration,'' October 1991

Master's Thesis Students:

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Shoenfeld, Norman, A Class of Macromolecular Interactions Induced by an Imposed Electric Field, August 1977.

Nussbaum, Jeremy, H+ Binding and Diffusion-Reaction Rates in Collagen Electromechanics, May 1979.

Eisenberg, Solomon, Electric Field-Induced Changes in Membrane Permeability, August 1979.  

Olson, Craig, Structure-Property Relations in Proteoglycan-Extracted Cartilage, June 1981.

Gray, Martha, A New Flow Cytometric Technique for Determining Cell Volume, June 1981.

Hoch, David, The Mechanical and Electromechanical Properties of Articular Cartilage Associated with a Meniscectomy Model for Osteoarthrosis, August 1981.

Grimshaw, Paul, The Response of Cartilage in Compression as it Undergoes Diffusion Limited Chemical Changes, September 1982.

Frank, Eliot, Dynamics of Articular Cartilage in Compression as it Undergoes Degenerative Changes, September 1983.

Phillips, Susan, Charge Density and Stiffness in Cartilage, September 1984.

Morgenthaler, Ann, Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Action of Proteoglycan-Degrading Enzymes Hyaluronidase, Chondroitinase, and Trypsin on Articular Cartilage, October 1987.

Adler, Karen, Correlation of Permeability, Hydration, and Crosslink Density in Polyelectrolyte Hydrogel Membranes, May 1988.

Kim, Young-Jo, Radially Unconfined Compression of Poroelastic Media with Axisymmetric Boundary Conditions, June 1989.

Bonassar, Lawrence, Electrokinetic Transduction in Bovine Articular Cartilage Under Radially Unconfined Compression, May 1991.

Quinn, Thomas, Poroelastic Properties and Electrostatic Interactions in Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels, May 1991.

Wu, Hsi-Jung, The Effect of Cytoskeletal Disruption on Cartilage Metabolic Response to Compression, January, 1992.

Kung, Sophia T-W., Effects of Mechanical Loading on Cartilage Degradation, September, 1993.

Paguio, Claribel G., Effects of Endogenous and Exogenous Metalloproteases on Articular Cartilage Explants: Relevance to Osteoarthritis, September, 1993.

Stinn, Jennifer L., Inhibition of Metalloproteinases in Articular Cartilage, May, 1995.

Bombard, David L., A Surface Probe for In Situ Detection of Cartilage Degradation via Electromechanical Spectroscopy,  May, 1995.

Lin, John W., Electrokinetic Evaluation of Human Articular Cartilage, May, 1995.

Jen, Michelle C., Transport Studies of Component Proteoglycan Molecules Through Cartilage,'' May, 1995.

Lin, Bryant., Characterization of the Properties of Cartilage in the Hartley Guinea Pig spontaneous Osteoarthritis Model, June,  1997.

Zhu, Julianne J., Transport Studies of Chondroitin Sulfate Disaccharide Through Articular Cartilage, June, 1997.

Emerson Quan, Differential Progression of Arthritic Degradation in Human Knee and Ankle Cartilage: Physical Diagnostics, June, 1998.

Loening, Andy, Effects of Dynamic Compression on Cartilage Metabolism, Dec, 1998.

Jin, Moonsoo, Effects of Static and Dynamic Shear Deformation  on Cartilage Metabolism, February, 1999.

Tsay, Jeff, Early Detection of Osteoarthritis by Electromechanical Spectroscopy, February, 1999.

Szasz, Nora, IGF-I Transport Through the Extracellular Matrix, June, 1999.

Kong, Jiang-Ti, Intermolecular Interaction between Chondroitin Sulfate GAG Chains: Atomic Force Microscopy and Molecular Mechanics, August, 1999.

Patwari, Parth, Mannosamine Inhibites Aggrecanase-Mediated Degradation of the Mechanically Functional Portion of Proteoglycans and of the Physical Properties of Articular Cartilage, Feb, 2001.

Evans, Robin, Diagnostic Probe for Cartilage Impedance, June, 2001.

Dean, Delphine, Measurement and Modeling of GAG Electrostatic Repulsion Forces by Atomic Force Microscopy, June, 2001.

Wagner, Tim, Field Distributions Within the Human Cortex Induced by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, EECS, June 2001.

Suggs, Jeremy, ACL Injuries, MechE, 2002

Timp, Winston, BioMEMS, Feb, 2003.

Cheung, Regina,Characterization of Scaffold-free  Chondrocyte-based Tissue Engineering Constructs for Cartilage Repair, June 2003.

Cosman, Christina, Effects of shear deformation on matrix biosynthesis by chondrocytes in self-assembling peptide gel culture,  June 2003.

Saatchi, Sanaz, A novel osteochondral composite consisting of a self-assembling peptide hydrogel and 3D-printed polycapralactone scaffold: potential for articular cartilage repair, June, 2004.

Lee, Gary, IGF-1 and Extended Mechanical Stimulation of Cartilage for Growth and Repair, EECS, June, 2004.

Norris-Lee, Stephanie, Co-Culture of Injured Cartilage with Joint Capsule Tissue causes enhanced enzymatic degradation of cartilage, August, 2004.

Chen, Schuodan, Effects of Dynamic Shear Deformation on Chondrocyte Biosynthesis in Agarose Gel Culture, June, 2005.

Motion, J.P. Michael, Mechanically Reduced Intercellular Remodeling of Cardiomyocytes by Magnetic Micromanipulation, February, 2006. 

Liang, Fei, Molecular Studies of Aggrecan, 2011.

Casasnovas, Nicole, Molecular Imaging, 2012.

Undergraduate Thesis Students:

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Picheny, Michael, ``Diffusion Potentials Measured Across Charged Collagen Membranes,'' June 1975.

Kazen, Jerry, ``Modeling of Currents Induced by High Voltage Transmission Lines in Living Organisms,'' June 1976.

Palmer, Miles, ``Measurements of Charge on Artificial Skin Composite Materials,'' June 1976.

Cremer, Jay, ``A Membrane Diffusion Potential Monitoring System with Forced Convection,'' June 1976.

Shoenfeld, Norman, ``Electric-Field-Controlled Transduction in Polyelectrolyte Membranes: An Artificial Muscle,'' June 1976.

Bediako, Emmanual, ``Control of the Electric Response of the Collagen Membrane,'' June 1976 (co-supervised with Professor T. L. Johnson).

Eisenberg, Solomon, ``Time and Space Periodic Collagen Membrane Electromechanics,'' May 1977.  (Awarded the Department's Guillemin Prize for Best Undergraduate Thesis).

Scott, William, ``The Effect of Internal Fixed Charge Groups and External Chemical Environments on the Electrical Conductance of Connective Tissue Proteins,'' May 1978.

Longley, Lester, ``Experimental Evidence for Diffusion-Limited Reaction Kinetics in Intact Collagen Structures,'' May 1978.

Nussbaum, Jeremy, ``Some Techniques of Data Collection, Reduction and Analysis,'' May 1979.

Grossman, Walter, ``Electromechanical Measurements of Calcium Binding in Cartilage,'' May 1979.

Wozniak, John, ``Changes in Membrane Permeability Due to Mechanical Stimuli,'' May 1979.

Frank, Eliot, ``Electromechanical Dynamics of a Charged, Hydrated Polymer,'' January 1980. (Awarded the Department's Guillemin Prize for Best undergraduate Thesis).

Kwok, Edward, ``Chemical Modification of Molecular Fixed Charge Groups in Articular Cartilage,'' May 1980.

Chen, Terence L., ``Physical Characterization of Electrosurgical Coagulation,'' May 1980.

Chung, Jay, ``Stress Relaxation Kinetics in Charged and Neutral Polyacrylamide Gels,'' May 1980.

Grimshaw, Paul, ``Real-time Analysis of Cartilage Compression/Stress Relaxation Response Using a Microcomputer,'' May 1980.

Hoch, David, ``A Method for the Preparation and Detection of Oriented Collagen Fibril Gels Using Orientation Polarization and Optical Birefringence,'' September 1980.

Fechner, Patricia, ``The Influence of Applied Electric Fields on Neutral Isotope Transport Across Membranes,'' June 1981.

Kazdan, David, ``Examination of an Analytic Model for the Teorell Membrane Oscillator,'' June 1981.

Bart, Stephen, ``The Mechanism of Electrosurgical Coagulation: Steam Evolution Versus Dielectric Breakdown,'' May, 1982.

Pratt, Randy, ``The Effect of Solvent Composition on the Absorption and Fluorescence of Organic Dyes in Solution,'' May 1983.

Brenner, Jacqueline, ``Transport of Insulin Across PMAA Membranes,'' June 1984.

Kavesh, Neal, ``Electromechanical Transduction Properties of Bovine Articular Cartilage,'' June 1984.

Gerber, Monica, ``The Effect of Matrix Depletion by Chondroitinase ABC on Proteoglycan Synthesis in Live Articular Cartilage,'' May 1984.

Hey, Lloyd, ``The Effect of Mechanical and Electrical Forces on Cartilage Biosynthesis,'' December 1984.
Brown, Paula, ``Electrically and Chemically Stimulated Changes in Polyelectrolyte Membrane Swelling,'' June 1985.

Lee, R. Todd, ``Optical Measurement of Charge Densities in Crosslinked PMAA Membranes,'' May 1986.

Jablonski, Mark, ``Characterization of the Net Charge of Fluorescent Dyes,'' February 1986.

Siu, Hoi Man, ``Chemically Controlled Transport of Protein-Fluorescent Dye Conjugates Through Poly(MAA/DEAEMA/HEMA)  Copolymer Membranes,'' June 1987.

Lee, Janet, ``Chymopapain - Induced Depolymerization of Proteoglycans in Human Intervertebral Disc,'' August 1987.

Liu, Thomas, ``Swelling and Permeability of Polymethacrylic Acid Polymer Membranes,'' May 1988.

Hollerbach, Karin, ``The Electromechanical and Biochemical Behavior of Chondrosarcoma Cell Cultures,'' May 1988.

Tiao, Paul, ``Electroextraction of Proteoglycans from Calf Articular Cartilage In Vitro,'' June 1989.

Chen, Suephy, ``Nondestructive Measurements of Fixed Charge Density in Biomaterials,'' May 1989.

Chwang, Sophia, ``Electromechanical Properties of a Piezo Film in Probe for Cartilage Degeneration,'' June 1990.

Su, Catherine, ``Characterization of Swelling and Electroosmotic Transport in Polyelectrolyte Hydrogel Membranes,'' June 1990.

Holcroft, Christina, ``Effects of Dynamic Loading on Cartilage Metabolism,'' June 1990.

Kim, Frank, ``Experimental Measurement of Solute Transport Through Gel Membranes,'' June 1991.

Davis, Charles, ``A Feasibility Study on Auto-Focusing Glasses and Contact Lenses,'' May 1991.

Janselewitz, Steven, ``A Device for Characterization of Mechanical and Electrical Properties of            Cartilage, May 1992.

Paguio, Claribel, ``Effects of Enzymatic Degradation on Articular Cartilage: Relevance to Osteoarthritis,'' May, 1992.

Lee, Ming-Shing, ``Effect of Retinoic Acid and pH on the Biosynthetic Activity of Articular Cartilage,'' June, 1992.

Hung, Claudia, ``Permeability and Transport Characteristics of Poly(Acrylic Acid) Gel Membranes,'' May 1993.

Chu, Lillian, ``Electromechanical Properties of Alginate Gel Prepared for Chondrocyte Culture,'' May 1993.

Jeffries, Kimberly A., ``Effects of Stromelysin and Its Inhibitors on Rabbit Articular Cartilage In Vivo,'' February, 1994.

Duffin, Nolan J., ``Development of an Electromechanical Indentation Device Used in the Detection of Streaming Potentials in Articular Cartilage,'' May, 1994.

Koot, Gretchen E., ``Long Term Effects of Static Compression on Bovine Articular Cartilage,'' May, 1994.

Jen, Michelle, ``Transport Studies in Cartilage Using Protease Inhibitor - Supplemented Buffers,'' May, 1994.

Hsieh, Susan J., ``IL-1 and Retinoic Acid Induced Degradation of Cartilage Matrix and the Inhibitory Effects of Proteinase Inhibitors: Relevance to Osteoarthritis,'' May, 1995.

Maung, Adrian, ``Role of Mechanical Compression in Cartilage Extracellular Matrix Metabolism,'' May, 1996.

Kong, Jiang-Ti, ``The Effect of Mechanical Compression and TGF b on Matrix Biosynthesis in Bovine Articular Cartilage,'' June, 1997.

Davila, Salomon G., ``Biosynthetic Response of Cartilage Explants to Dynamic Compression and Changes in pH in the Presence of IGF-1,'' June, 1997.

Sebern, Elizabeth L., ``Characterization of Electromechanical Properties of Cartilage in the Hartley Guinea Pig Spontaneous Osteoarthritis Model,'' June, 1997.

Nirav Bhakta, ``Electroosmotic Fluid flow in Articular Cartilage,'' EECS (AUP), June, 1998.

Nikhil N. Batra, ``Parameter Estimation of Material Properties: Experimental Approaches,'' Civil    Eng., June, 1998.

Hung, Gilbert, ``Effects of Artificial Aging (Non-enzymatic Glycation) on the Mechanical Properties of Articular Cartilage,'' June, 2000.

Cosman, Christina, ``Effects of IGF-1 on Repair of Injuriously Compressed Tissue,'' June, 2001.

Norris, Stephanie, “Co-Culture Model for Joint Injuries,” June 2001.

Batista, Mike, Nanomechanics of Murine Cartilage, 2012.

Rojas, Fred, Collagen-Aggrecan Interactions, 2012.

Avadillo, Jose, Mouse Models of OA, 2012.

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