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Recent Publications (for full list see PubMed and/or Web of Science):

Grodzinsky, AJ, Fields, Forces and Flows in Biological Systems, Garland Science (Taylor and Francis), March 8, 2011, textbook, ISBN-13: 9780815342120.

Recent Journal Articles and Reviews

Drug Delivery

  • Bajpayee, AG, Quadir, MA, Hammond, PT, Grodzinsky, AJ, Targeted intra-tissue sustained delivery of dexamethasone using avidin nano-carriers for treating cartilage degeneration, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 24:71-81, 2016.

  • Bajpayee, AG, Scheu,M, Grodzinsky, AJ, Porter, RM, A rabbit model demonstrates the influence of cartilage thickness on intra-articular drug delivery and retention within cartilage, J Orthopaedic Res, 33:660-667, 2015.

  • Bajpayee, AG, Scheu, M, Grodzinsky, AJ, Porter, RM, Electrostatic Interactions Enable Rapid Penetration, Enhanced Uptake and Retention of Intra-articular Injected Avidin in Rat Knee Joints, J Orthopaedic Res, 32:1044–1051, 2014.

  • Bajpayee, AG, Wong, CR, Bwendi, MG, Frank, EH, Grodzinsky, AJ, Avidin as a model for charge driven transport into cartilage and drug delivery for treating early stage post-traumatic osteoarthritis, Biomaterials, 35:538-549, 2014.

Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis

  • Wang, Y, Grodzinsky AJ, The response of cartilage to injury, in Post-Traumatic Arthritis: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management, S. Olson, F. Guilak, eds, Springer, New York, 2015, pp 121-133.

  • Li, Y, Wang, Y,  Chubinskaya, S, Schoeberl, B, Kopesky, P, Grodzinsky, AJ, Effects of insulin-like growth factor-1 and dexamethasone on cytokine-challenged cartilage: relevance to post traumatic osteoarthritis, Osteoarthritis Cartilage, 23:266-274, 2015.

  • Li, Y, Frank, EH, Wang, Y, Chubinskaya, S, Huang, HK, Grodzinsky, AJ, Moderate dynamic compression inhibits pro-catabolic response of cartilage to mechanical injury, TNFa and Il-6, but accentuates degradation above a strain threshold, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 21:1933-1941, 2013.

  • Rolauffs, B, Kurz, B, Aurich, M, Felka, T, Stoeckle, U, Badke, A, Frank, E, Aicher, WK, Grodzinsky, AJ, Stress-vs-time signals allow the prediction of structurally catastrophic events during fracturing of immature cartilage and predetermine the biomechanical, biochemical and structural impairment, J Structural Biology, 183:501-511, 2013.

  • Byun, S, Sinskey, YL, Lu, YCS, Ort, T, Kavalkovich, K, Sivakumar, P, Hunziker, EB, Frank, EH, Grodzinsky, AJ, Mechanical injury and inflammatory cytokines alter transport of anti-IL-6 antigen binding fragments into cartilage, Arch Biochem Biophys, 532:15-22, 2013.

  • Lu, YCS, Evans, C, Grodzinsky, AJ, Effects of short-term glucocorticoid treatment on changes in cartilage matrix degradation and chondrocyte gene expression induced by mechanical injury and inflammatory cytokines, Arthritis Research Therapy, 13:1-15, R142, 2011.

Molecular Cellular and Tissue Nanomechanics

  • Varady, N, Grodzinsky, AJ, Osteoarthritis year in review: mechanics, Osteoarthritis Cartilage, 24:27-35, 2016.

  • Han, L and Grodzinsky, AJ, Advances and applications of nanomechanical tools to cartilage tissue engineering, in A Tssue Regeneration Approach to Bone and cartilage repair, H Zreiqat and V Rosen, eds, Springer, New York, 2015, pp. 191-218.

  • Nia, HT, Ortiz, C, Grodzinsky AJ, Aggrecan: Approaches to study biophysical and biomechanical properties, in Methods in Molecular Biology, K Balagurunathan, H Nakato, U Desai, eds, Springer, New York, vol. 1229:221-237, 2015.

  • Nia, HT, Han, L, Bozchalooi, IS, Roughley, P, Youcef-Toumi, K, Grodzinsky, AJ, Ortiz, C, Aggrecan nano-scale solid-fluid interactions are a primary determinant of cartilage dynamic mechanical properties, ACS Nano, 9:2614-2625, 2015.

  • Nia, HT, Gauci, S, Azadi, M, Hung,HH, Frank, EH, Fosang, A, Ortiz, C, Grodzinsky, AJ,  High-bandwidth AFM-based rheology is a sensitive indicator of early cartilage aggrecan degradation relevant to mouse models of Osteoarthritis, J Biomechanics, 48:162-165, 2015.

  • Nia, HT, Bozchalooi, IS, Li, Y, Han, L, Hung, H-H, Frank, EH, Yousef-Toumi, K, Ortiz, C, Grodzinsky, AJ, High bandwidth AFM-based rheology reveals that cartilage is most sensitive to high loading rates at early stages of impairment, Biophysical J, 104:1529-1537, 2013.

  • Lee, BB, Han, L, Frank, EH, Grodzinsky, AJ, Ortiz, C,  Dynamic Nanomechanics of Individual Bone Marrow Stromal Cells and Cell-Matrix Composites during Chondrogenic Differentiation, J Biomechanics, 48:171-175, 2015.

  • Lee, H-Y, Han, L, Roughley, P, Grodzinsky, AJ, Ortiz, C, Age-related nanostructural and nanomechanical changes of individual human cartilage aggrecan monomers and their glycosaminoglycan side chains, J Structural Biol, 181:264-273, 2013.
  • Scarcelli, G, Polacheck, W, Nia HT, Kripa Patel, P, Grodzinsky, AJ, Kamm, RD, Yun, SH, Noncontact mapping of intracellular elastic modulus by Brillouin confocal microscopy, Nature Methods, 12:1132-1132, 2015.

Cartilage Tissue Engineering

  • Florine, EM, Miller, RE, Liebesny, P, Mroszczyk, K, Lee, RT, Patwari, P, Grodzinsky AJ, Delivering HB-IGF-1 with Self-Assembling Peptide Hydrogels, Tissue Engineering Part A, 21:637-646, 2015.

  • Miller, RE, Grodzinsky, AJ, Barrett, MF, Hung, HH, Frank, EH, Werpy, N,  CW McIlwraith, CW, Frisbie, DD, Effects of the combination of microfracture and self-assembling peptide filling on the repair of a clinically-relevant trochlear defect in an equine model, J Bone Joint Surg, 96:1601-1609, 2014.
  • Kopesky, PW, Byun, S, Vanderploeg, EJ, Kisiday, JD, Frisbie, DD, Grodzinsky, AJ, Sustained delivery of bioactive TFG-b1 from self-assembling peptide hydrogels induces chondrogenesis of encapsulated bone marrow stromal cells, J Biomed Mater Res-A, 102A:1275-1285, 2014.
  • Florine, EM, Miller, RE, Porter, RM, Evans, CH, Kurz, B, Grodzinsky, AJ, Effects of dexamethasone on mesenchymal stromal cell chondrogenesis and ADAMTS activity: comparison of agarose and self-assembling peptide scaffolds, Cartilage, 4:63-74, 2013.
  • Bae, JH, Hosseini, A, Wang, Y, Jasty, N, Torriani, M, Gill, TJ, Grodzinsky, AJ, Li, G, Articular cartilage of the knee 3 years after ACL reconstruction: A quantitative T2 relaxometry analysis, Acta Orthopaedica, 86:605-610, 2015.

  • Zhang, L, Miramini, S, Smith, D, Gardiner, B, Grodzinsky, AJ, Time evolution of deformation in human cartilage under cyclic loading, Annals Biomed Eng, 43:1166-1177, 2015.

  • Batista, MA, Nia, HT, Önnerfjord, P, Cox, K, Rosen, V, Ortiz, C, Grodzinsky, AJ, Heinegård, D, Han, L, Nanomechanical phenotype of chondroadherin-null murine articular cartilage, Matrix Biology, 38:84-90, 2014.


  • Ahrman, Em Lorenzo, P, Holmgren, K, Grodzinsky, AJ, Dahlberg, L, Saxne, T, Heinegard, D, Onnerfjord, P, Novel COMP neoepitopes identified from patients with joint diseases by immune-affinity chromatography and mass spectrometry, J Biological Chemistry, 289:20908-20916, 2014.


  • Ogawa, H, Kozhemyakina, E, Hung, HH, Grodzinsky, AJ, Lassar, AB, Mechanical motion promotes expression of Prg4 in articular cartilage via multiple CREB-dependent, fluid flow shear stress-induced signaling pathways, Genes and Development, 28:127-139, 2014.

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