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Do you want to use someone's work but aren't sure if it is copyright protected? Do you use peer-to-peer software and are concerned with sharing copyrighted files? Have you ever received a Takedown Notification telling you to remove copyrighted files from the network because of alleged infringement under DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)? Are you a copyright holder claiming infringement and wish to file a notification with MIT?

This site attempts to provide solutions and answers to these and similar questions concerning copyright. Here you will find:

  • how to be in compliance with copyright laws;
  • copyright policies and procedures at MIT;
  • information on digital copyright and file sharing; and
  • copyright-related resources and reference materials.

Additional information can be found at the MIT sites listed below, or you can send your questions to

MIT Libraries
Resources on the Libraries site includes copyright information for MIT faculty who upload course material to the Web, advice about managing copyrights for MIT faculty submitting their own work for publication, and a copyright amendment form for authors who wish to retain rights when assigning copyright to a publisher.

Office of the General Counsel
The Office of the General Counsel attorneys have expertise across a wide range of subject areas, including copyright and intellectual property law.

Copy Technology Centers
CTC provides a copyright program to help faculty comply with copyright laws. A copyright tutorial provides further assistance for course readers.

MIT Technology Licensing Office
The TLO assists MIT inventors with protecting their technology, with the licensing of that technology to existing companies and startups, and also handles requests for use of copyrighted MIT material, such as theses.

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